First of all…  Basic Projector Mechanics

Projectors are Non-Energy types (unlike Manifestors, Generators & Manifesting Generators), so we do not have consistent access to Generating or Manifesting energy.

The Projector Aura is focused & penetrating, which can feel lovely if you want to be seen on a super deep level, or it can feel extremely uncomfortable and even affronting when uninvited.




As Non-Energy types (unlike Manifestors, Generators & Manifesting Generators), Projectors do not have consistent access to their own energy. So when we get asked questions for advice, guidance, recommendations, or insights (like “What app is that? Where do you recommend I learn more about…? What website do you use to…?) we literally do not have the energy to engage.

For Projectors, Recognition IS energy.

Recognition is an energy exchange that literally gives us the energy us to use our penetrating aura to see what would be the best recommendation, advice, guidance, etc.

Recognition lets the Projector know that you acknowledge & respect their wisdom, skills, expertise, experience, unique perspective, etc. It’s not manners or flattery, it’s access to energy.

When we do something for someone without being recognized, we often end up bitter, resentful & exhausted because we used energy we don’t have.

For example, recently, I asked another Projector sister (@divineskymystic who is an amazing Astrologer 🤩) for more information about the Venus-Sun Conjunction:

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just heartfelt.

It’s all about

the Invitation

As Projectors, our aura (energy field) is very focused & penetrating (think Cyclops from the X-Men, but with x-ray vision), so we see the inner workings of whoever/whatever we focus on. This is not something that everyone always enjoys or wants to experience (no judgment!).

That’s why the Invitation is so important for us. It’s a protective measure that ensures that our insights are really wanted in a situation/space.

the Invitation

Needs to be Formal

There are many different levels of this, but for me personally (personal view), I love & appreciate formality. It’s difficult for me to “drop by whenever” because I don’t know if you really want to be penetrated by my aura at that time. 😆

But really, in order for it to be correct, the Invitation should be formal & clear (no vagaries or guesswork). “Would you like to work on this project / go on a date / come over, etc.?”

PS: To my fellow Projectors: Invitations do not come from The Universe, your dreams, your spirit guides, or some kind of synchronicity. (This is something that can work for Sacral Beings – when they have a response (which you’ve been conditioned to think that you have) to a dream, vision, etc)

Correct Invitations are formal, spoken or written from another human being who recognizes you – and the best Invitations will recognize your definition (not just compliment you). And you are under NO obligation to say yes just because you receive an invitation! Listen to your Authority to see if the opportunity is correct for you.

the BEST Invitations are dripping with Recognition*

Example: “I’ve been loving your Instagram posts for some time now. You always say the most insightful & helpful things, and they always seem to come at the most synchronistic time. You have such a unique perspective in the way you synthesize Astrology, Human Design & Gene Keys, and how people can apply these systems in practical ways. We would love to have you come on the Podcast soon to share more with our audience. Does that sound like something you’d like to do?”

*As described by Amy Lea 🍯

The icing on the cake…


If you really want to receive the full power of the guidance, efficiency, empowerment, sharing of wisdom, or support a Projector can deliver to you, compensation is essential.

Again, as Non-Energy types, we do not have access to the type of generative or manifesting energy that the majority of the world has access to, so recognition & compensation are what give us access to that energy.

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