I have been holding something in my heart. Afraid to say anything about it. Afraid of what it might mean if I do. Afraid of what it might mean if I don’t. I have hinted about it, tried to dance around it, trying to cut into the sides – but afraid to crack it wide open.

I don’t feel like I can hold this inside of me anymore. A few people close to me know, but there is part of me that is literally dying inside, begging me to let it all out – to let it all go.

But today… of all days… when we are calling to each other, as women, as sister queens and priestess, to band together, to rise up, to join hands to create the world we really want to see: a world of peace, a world of acceptance, world of love

Today I share this post as an invitation to my sisters to always act with honor towards one another.

Last week my boyfriend told me he cheated on me with another woman. There are many things to say about this, but what I want to hone in on is the respect we can have for one another as women in these situations. Even when she is taking a man home from a bar, the Sovereign Queen will ask 2 questions (for herself and for her sisters):

1. When was the last time you were tested and what were the results?

2. What are your relationship agreements?

She asks these questions to protect herself, and to honor and respect her sisters. Through this subtle investigation much pain can be avoided.

And let me be EXPLICITLY CLEAR. I am NOT blaming anyone here. I acknowledge my role in co-creating this situation in order to bring deep transformation and healing into my life. It’s funny, it’s actually very similar to what we are experiencing with the election. Through this experience I have gotten so crystal clear about what I want for my life. As much as it might hurt, I am deeply grateful for the alchemy of this sacred death.

I have been walking around shaking today, feeling like I am suffocating, knowing that this moment was coming. This moment when I would break the silence. There has been too much suffering in our world due to the silence of women. May we all find a way to open into our pain and rise taller and stronger from it. ???