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In Heart Centered Selling, I share everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years about how to launch and sell online (courses, workshops, sessions, events, products, etc) in a way that doesn’t feel spammy, fake, cheesy, icky, or anything else like that at all.  The fact of the matter is that you came here to do good work and change the world, and the Universe is ready and willing to reward you for it. It’s time to let your magic out and make money in a way that feels easy, authentic, and fun.  You were made for this. 

This course is epic. And so much fun!  You definitely don’t want to miss out on this adventure!

Hi There!

I’m Rakai’el!

If you’ve found your way here, then there’s a high likelihood that you’ve found me through Instagram, and unless you’re brand new to my work (yay! Welcome!!), there’s a chance you’ve witnessed me selling my courses online. Selling is one of my very favorite things to do!

If you don’t know my backstory, I first started my career as an Entrepreneur as an Acupuncturist in San Francisco back in 2012.  I did all the hustle moves back then: going to networking events, offering promotions, joining local marketing groups, and collaborating with local businesses. 

Then in 2015, I was guided to transition away from acupuncture into creating and selling online courses and private coaching.  This was a pivotal moment in my life.  Selling my first online course was a true initiation, and it didn’t stop there.  I had a very successful first few launches, but it wasn’t exactly… comfortable. 

I’ve always been interested in the energetics behind certain situations and observing the way energy moves relative to our minds and how that manifests in our outer realities.

The energetic experience of being in what I call a Launch Sequence (preparing for liftoff, driving the spaceship, and landing the ship) were some of the steepest energetic learning curves I’ve gone through.  Through all of the challenges though, I was excited about learning the art of building my energy up, putting myself out there, maintaining my energy through the entire sales portal (and what to do if I couldn’t), and then managing the “energetic fallout” that I used to experience at the end of a launch. 

The more I launched and sold my offers online, the more and more people reflected back to me how easy, authentic, and fun I made the whole experience, for myself and others.

People tell me stuff like this all the time:

Hey!! I just wanted to share with you that you do such a great job of sharing and getting your programs out there. It comes from such an authentic place. It doesn’t come across as salesy or like you’re trying to pitch something. I can genuinely tell that the programs you create come from the love you have for the information you’re sharing and you just happen to also make money from these things.  There’s no gimmick or pitch with your stuff. None of that “with these 3 things your life can change” kind of vibes.  It’s literally, “hey, I’ve learned/remembered some stuff and do you want to remember some stuff too?!? If so, let’s play together!” I love to share what I learn too and it can be tricky to not have it come across that you want something from someone. You do a great job of it!!  💜💜 – Erin McDermott. Shadow Alchemist, Sound Practitioner.

This is my experience as well.  I learned a long time ago, that I never want to try to convince anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do.  I’m super clear that I want every investment that anyone makes in me or my company to feel empowering in a deep and fundamental way (even if it feels edgy). I love working with people who are a full YES to their own transformation, and I’m happy to offer that opportunity to them.  No pressure. 

Just the other day I was writing an Instagram post for my sound healing course, and I realized that at this point I’ve launched and sold over 55 offers in the last 5 years!

So much has changed in my internal process since I first started back in 2015, and I’m feeling SO STOKED to share everything with you! 

I used to think that launching was so hard.  In the early years, I was only selling 1-3 times per year, and it was a HUGE energetic endeavour.  It was the only thing I could focus on.  I’d put on an autoresponder on my email, tell my friends & family not to call me, and clear out my calendar.  I’d be so hyped about it, and yet also feel so conflicted – not wanting to come off as annoying, salesy, creepy, money-hungry, or weird in any way.  It was a huge push-pull dynamic in my inner being that was so stressful and fatiguing.  For the first 2.5 years, I’d go through a huge “fallout” period after a launch ended when I’d feel tired, burnt out, unfocused and unmotivated, really needing to recover.

Then at the beginning of 2018, something clicked, and I started to redefine my experience of selling on my own terms (which I’m so stoked to share with you). Now, in the last year, I’ve launched and sold over 21 offers with ease, authenticity, and having so much fun that I don’t want to stop!

During the most recent launch, I was really exploring sinking into even more EASE.  The day before the enrollment closed I worked out, went to the chiropractor, talked to my mom for 90 minutes, watered all my plants, made a delicious dinner, and wrote the outline for this course!  In the past, on the day before an enrollment was going to close, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED.

It was so Next Level.

That’s why I’m so hyped to share this experience with you!! 

I’m so excited to announce the official launch of:

Heart-Centered Selling

How to let your magic out and make money in a way that feels easy, authentic, and fun.

I signed up for Heart Centered Selling because I was interested in taking classes for self-development and spiritual growth.  I loved that Rakai’el shared her screen and showed us behind-the-scenes tips on how she approaches selling her courses. My favorite topic was how she sells her courses from a place of authenticity.  I learned and embodied the concept that the purpose of owning a business is not to sell a product; the purpose is to become empowered and to use it as a platform to share my authentic voice.  It’s a learning experience to discover who I am, a place where I can grow.

In the past, when I used traditional selling techniques, I felt inauthentic and insecure. Now that I use heart-centered selling, I feel authentic and empowered and look forward to how I can create a better world. Traditional selling techniques focus on a “getting” paradigm: How can I close the deal, how much money can I sell the product for, and how much income can I make? Heart-centered selling, however, is about “giving” to raise the vibration of the whole. I am part of a collective and have great power that I can use to make the world a better place. Selling products from a place of authenticity and love allows me to “be the change.”  Since taking the course, I’ve become more authentic on Instagram by sharing from my inner authority.  This course has helped me open up to living my truth and higher purpose.

Julie Ong

Spiritual Life Coach & Author, San Francisco, CA, @risejulierise,

I had been following Rakai’el for many years on Instagram, and saw her talking about her new offering Heart Centered Selling. I want to become more comfortable selling, and know that it has to come from the heart. Rakai’el does it so well, and I wanted to see what she had to say about it. The conversational content was both helpful and enjoyable to consume. This course has been so helpful as I make decisions about how to run my business. The classes were very generous both in time and meaningful content. I still have a note on my computer that reads “I trust myself,” that was inspired by the course. I’ve been self-teaching myself marketing for the past two years and Heart Centered Selling has easily been the most soul-lead yet rationally applicable course I’ve taken. Rakaiel’s methodology totally fits the paradigm that feels good to me. My biggest insight and take away was TO TRUST MYSELF. I was super glad to be able to take this course.

Alyssum Pohl

Authenticity Coach, @awakenauthenticity,

About Heart-Centered Selling:


I’ve been selling my creative offerings on the internet since I launched my very first course in the Summer of 2015. I’ve been wanting to talk and share my process of selling for a long time. When I created Cosmic Course Creation, one of the things that people wanted to know more about even after the course – was selling! Now with Heart-Centered Selling, my 55th launch, I get to do just that! I always receive feedback from clients that when I sell my offerings that it never sounds salesy, or pushy. People tell me that my excitement about what I’ve learned, Remembered, and put together into these transformational courses has an uplifting energy around it, like I’m just inviting other people into this game kind of experience that I’m super stoked about. And it’s true! I’m so passionate about the courses that I offer, and it is my desire that if you’re feeling resonant with my offerings, I’d love for you to come play!

What I’ve experienced to be true in my life in times when I’ve been struggling – financially, in relationships, with my health and wellness, etc. is this: When I feel a creative offering within me that’s wanting to come out into the world, that’s meant to help serve the people, to help inspire and transform their lives – when I don’t do bring that out, when I postpone or resist, due to whatever kind of fears that I have about me not being good enough, experienced enough, or whatever – then things start to get weird in my finances, relationships, health, etc.

I feel like these ideas that I have to create transformational courses and experiences that will change people’s lives are Divine Assignments. I have an obligation to bring them into the world. What’s helped me to transform and elevate out of those situations where I feel stuck, is having the awareness that I’m being called to bring forth an offering from my soul so that it can serve other people out in the world.

What I’ve found to be true to me, is that the more I peel back those layers of all of the reasons why I think that I don’t have enough of this or know enough of that – the more I really feel those layers, and decide to channel through and give birth to those creative offerings – the faster and easier than I can do that, then the more smoothly my life runs. What I’ve found to be true is when I do take that big courageous leap and create, make, offer, and share something out into the world – is that I get paid. The universe responds to that Heart-Centered offering of a course, experience, retreat, workshop, webinar, with divine compensation.

My mantra has always been, “Let Your Magic Out“, and this is that next level of what it’s like for me to let my magic out. Being vulnerable and authentic on Instagram is one thing, and creating courses, selling your offers, and putting it all together is another. Whatever it is that you’re selling; a course, essential oils, crystals, jewellery, your healing services, your clothing line, fitness services, personal chef services, massage therapist services, etc. – whatever you are inspired to share through your sacred offerings – that is your divine assignment. Those essential oils, those crystals, that course, those services you’re offering, they have an agenda, and you’re just a channel! They have people that they are meant to serve. There are people out there who are not just mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, they’re scrolling on Instagram because they are looking for you, they’re looking for a deeper energetic exchange. Once they find you, they are wondering how they can engage, participate, and drink the medicine that you are offering at a next-level phase. There are literally people out in this world who are searching for you because they want to pay you, and they’re looking to invest in you at whatever level that feels comfortable for them at that time. They want to have that alchemical transformational energetic exchange of giving something to you, in this case, financial resources – so that they can receive your transformational energy current.

Heart-Centered Selling teaches you about how to get over your own fears so that you can let your magic out, serve the people that you’re here to serve, and receive the reflective abundance that comes from that Heart-Centered offering!

With endless devotion to our eternal empowerment,

What people are saying…

 I love Rakai’els courses and saw she was offering Heart Centered Selling, I wanted to hear a different view on selling, so I signed up! This experience felt like freedom. I think in combination with Sovereign it really helped me to get clear on my own energy, how I want to respect that alongside building my business, and recognizing that it doesn’t have to “look” the way others say it does OR the way I think it does. I’m currently creating my courses now, and I’ve been able to drop into my heart, detach from anxiety, and really start showing up “live” for my people. It feels soooo much better now that I don’t feel like I have to look like I have everything together – I just focus on what I came to express, which I think was the meat of this course.

I loved that Rakai’el expressed the importance of doing things your way, and shared her story and process of how she built and conducts her own business by following her inner guidance. It really gave me the reminder and knowing that anything is possible, and you can still remain true to yourself while building your business. It really helped to hear that we don’t need a ton of platforms or to be manipulative to build an audience – it was the authentic approach that I needed to hear. I even learned from her style of teaching. She gave us room to process and make our own decisions, and I really value that. It allowed me to be accepting of who I am, how I want to work, and to find ways to make that work without falling under the pressure of someone else’s “way” of doing things. One of the biggest breakthroughs I learned is that the way I want to work and teach is literally right in front of me. This course helped me end analysis paralysis, and get creating. Super grateful to learn with Rakai’el.

Sasha Hernandex

Creatrix, Corona, NY, @waterphoenixawakening

Heart Centered Selling is extremely helpful in many ways, and is exactly what I needed to begin the foundation for the next chapter of this journey.  Although I could not physically (virtually) attend, I felt Rakai’el’s energetic presence as if I was live in the group! I deeply appreciate Rakai’el and all she creates…not only in the course, but in general! The knowledge she shares and codes she emanates have been fully received and integrated.  She continuously inspires me, and has helped me remember, simply through her existence. She is truly an extraordinary soul, human being and teacher – the ancient energy she brings forth is acknowledged and deeply valued. I am so grateful for her presence on Earth.  Thank you for for creating this course, and for being!  With infinite love,



Excellent course, Rakal’el and team! I had so many great aha and clarification moments. For example, I was on a Facebook group challenge last week but I did not like it, although the girl was great, I could not do the challenges, as it did not feel right. Thank you for confirming my feeling and that it wasn’t just me. I felt I needed something more heart centered, and then a friend sent me your course last weekend without knowing how I felt that week – so I believe all is in divine order, thank you again.  Sweet blessings to all of you and thanks again for such great information.

Nicola Cantley-Reverter

Northern Ireland

Thank you so much for the Heart-Centered Selling course Rakai’el. It was exactly what I needed to help me shift my mindset around selling from “Ugh, gross!” to “Wow, super fun and healing!” I’m so excited to get started. This is an epic shift!! Thank you so very much for that!! It’s a huge huge gift!!  The selling piece was blocking me before, and now that that block is gone (yay!), I am SO excited and ready to deep dive into creating my first course, and I feel deeply called to the insight of the Cosmic Course Creation class next. Abundant blessings, much love and beautiful light to you all!

Denessa Chan

International award-winning Eco-Conscious Nature Photographer + Filmmaker,

I loved the Heart Centered Selling course, and gained soooo much from it.  After the motivation from the course, I’m now in the process of creating an email database.  Thank you for creating this Rakai’el! Big love to you from Australia.

Kerry Brown


The minute that I read Rakai’el was offering it, I knew I had to take this class. I was just starting a process of really taking my business and offerings to a seriously deeper and higher level, and this course sounded perfect. Heart-centered selling is already what I do and I thought it would be super cool to hear from Rakai’el all about how SHE does what she does. I loved the opportunity to get the down-lo on how she operates and, even more importantly, how she feels about how she operates, and what she holds as most important. Plus, I learned a ton of other useful information, like what equipment she recommends.

I have taken a lot of other marketing classes and this one was the ONLY one to focus or even include the most important aspect of it – ENERGY. This course really changed the way I hold all of my work, and how I feel about selling it. Rakai’el’s joyful and loving energy permeates everything she does and it really inspires me to show up 100% authentically in all that I do, including “promoting” and “selling.” Now, I think of those things as “sharing” and “loving.” The biggest takeaway for me was the knowledge that “people are waiting for me and my offerings”.  I also registered for Insta-Prosperity so both classes together are REALLY impacting how I approach everything! Rakai’el brings a lot of joy and fun into the world and I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Uma Bode

Spiritual Coach & Photographic Artist, Newton, CT, @theumaverse,

I just finished taking the Heart Centered Selling class, and I really enjoyed it!  This course was so beyond helpful and I will definitely be looking into other courses from Rakai’el in the future! She is an inspiration to me, and so many.  Her presence is deeply appreciated.  I am so grateful to be a part of this program, this is exactly what is needed at this time.  Thank you so much for being you, for creating this course, and all that you create on this planet, Rakai’el!  

Monica Rader

I have been following Rakai’el for years on Instagram. I saw her promoting this course and it sounded so interesting – I had never heard anybody talk about selling from a heart-centered angle before.  I know that there are energetic ways to connect with money, and after taking some of her other courses, I figured she would be the one to demystify the process!  I am in the process of designing my packages and website for my health coaching business. After taking this course, I’ve learned that selling can be second nature – not because of learning to grind with the traditional hustle, but because what I am putting out into the world is my authentic expression. I don’t have to turn on my selling switch and then turn it off again. 

I love that she always has a well-thought-out structure for what will be taught, and at the same time lets her intuition guide the lessons. This always feels deeply authentic and I know that the information that I receive is exactly what I need. I now have permission to enjoy selling! I have always been timid about pricing my services but now I feel confident that when I am tuned into my worth and what I offer to the world, I can sell with success.

Jennie Lindsay

Holistic Health Coach, Oakland, CA, @howjennieheals

This is our flow

Module 1: Preparing for Liftoff Part One

  • Opening Meditation
  • Overview of my journey of Heart-Centered Selling since 2015
  • Deprogramming all the ideas that selling is wrong or bad

Module 2: Preparing for Liftoff Part Two

  • Pricing your offer
  • Launch Prep
  • Setting the Energetic Container for your Launch
  • Q&A Section
  • Meditation

Module 3: Flying the Spaceship Part One

  • Meditation
  • The Sales Page
  • The Launch Mindset: All the different tools & techniques that have supported me through different launches at different times (so much content here!)
  • Expanding your capacity to hold financial/energetic currency

Module 4: Flying the Spaceship Part Two

  • Selling on Instagram: posts, stories, IG Lives, IG TV
  • Email Marketing
  • Happy to share the little experience I have with Facebook marketing & my thoughts on that
  • Promoting different offers: courses, events, workshops, retreats, products
  • Q&A Section
  • Meditation

Module 5: Closing the Portal

  • Meditation
  • Closing the Portal

Module 6: Coming in for the Landing Part One

  • Post-Launch Mindset
  • Financial Energetic Integration
  • Layering launches
  • Preparing for the next launch

Module 7: Coming in for the Landing Part Two

  • Refund Policy
  • Recap previous topics
  • My reflections from where I started and where I’m at now
  • Q&A Section
  • Closing Meditation

What is Included:

Get INSTANT ACCESS and UNLIMITED REPLAYS to all of the course content when you sign up below!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and any updates & additions I create.
  • Over 8 hours of content total 
  • 7 Training Videos – 5 hours of content
  • 3 Q&A Sessions – 3 hours of content
  • Downloadable audio tracks of all of the training videos.
  • Recommended resources, websites, and gear to support you in selling your offers.
  • Lifetime access to our private Peer-to-Peer Heart Centered Selling group. (This is NOT a Facebook group)
    Some features of this Private Group:
    * Peer-to-Peer support. This is a safe place where you can share insights, celebrate wins, ask questions of the community, and support one another as you grow together. This group will be moderated by Marina of the Soul Star Team, who was present for the original filming of this course (Rakai’el will not be active in this group.)
    * Mobile app and web interface, clear organization, secure and confidential communication.

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Cosmic Course Creation + Heart Centered Selling + Insta Prosperity

The Trinity


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Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Read the affirmation on the payment page out loud.  Really feel all of the people in your life who will benefit (most of all YOU) from this decision to invest in yourself.  I always say, the money I spend on me comes back to me times 3!  That said, you have 24-hours from the exact date and time of your initial payment to request a refund. Refund requests must be sent via email to After the 24-hour time period has passed, no refunds will be offered.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent this course and it’s potential for increased income, however, there are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any improvements to your income at all. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. By choosing to enroll in this course, you acknowledge that you are in complete control of your own success, and accept full responsibility for your own prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I enrolled in Heart Centered Selling when it was taught as a Live class.  Will I receive a discount code to purchase the full course?
A: Check your email!  xo

Q: Help!  I signed up but haven’t received my Welcome email.
A: Within 15-20 minutes after signing up, you should receive your Welcome email with all of the details, the link for the course, etc.

Please follow the directions on the Thank You page to save our email address to your contacts, whitelist us, and check your spam.  Note:  If you’ve unsubscribed from my emails in the past, I cannot send you emails anymore, even for things you pay for – so you’ll need to send an email to my team so they can help you get your access reinstated.

If you’ve followed the above steps, and still have not received your email, please email my team and they will be happy to help you get everything sorted!

Q: When does the course start?

A: You get INSTANT ACCESS!!  The course starts as soon as you sign up!  All of the information is at your fingertips with pre-recorded videos, so you can get started right away!

Q: How often will the enrollment be open for Heart Centered Selling?  I’m interested, and I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for this round or the next one!

A: Yay! It’s so exciting that you’re feeling inspired to learn how to let your magic out and make money in a way that feels easy, authentic, and fun!  This class is available on our website all year long.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: For as long as I have a website.  You will also have access to any and all updates, upgrades, reformatting, etc that I create along the way!

Q: Is Heart Centered Selling only for entrepreneurs or people with a business?  I am currently in school – I have plans to start a business after I get out, but I’m not there yet.

A:  This class is not just for entrepreneurs or people with an existing business.  When the time comes for you to begin your business, you will be starting from a 3 or 4, when other people around you will be starting at zero.

Q:  Does this course go over building your own courses?
A:  No, Heart Centered Selling covers how to let your magic out and make money in a way that feels easy, authentic, and fun, not course building.  Sharing your story, your personality, all of your gifts and quirks straight out of the gate is part of the essential process of building a community so that when you do have a course ready to share you have people to share with. You can’t put the cart before the horse as they say 🙂 (UPDATE: I just created a brand new course called Cosmic Course Creation that covers everything you need to know about creating and building your own courses. You can check it out here.)

Q:  Does this course go over how to set up payment options for services?
A:  Excellent question.  There’s already so much content in the Heart Centered Selling course.  But even before you start thinking about creating courses and setting up content, I really can’t stress enough how important it is to let your magic out BEFORE you have anything you are trying to sell or offer.  (UPDATE: I cover everything you need to know about setting up payment options for services in my course Cosmic Course Creation which you can learn more about here.)

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes!  See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you!

Q: How does the monthly payment plan work? Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A: Yes, that is correct. If you choose the payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for six months, on the date you first paid. For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 23rd, the remaining five installments will all pull on the 23rd of the following five months.

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  In full acknowledgment of the economic differences that systemic racism, white supremacy, and colonialism have created across generations, we have a few scholarships available to support our BIPOC community: we have a few scholarships available for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color for 50% off the course. Please send us an email here if you are interested. The scholarships are also available for The Trinity.

Q: What are the details of The Trinity?
A: With The Trinity, you will be receiving 3 amazing courses:
1) Insta Prosperity,
2) Cosmic Course Creation, AND
3) Heart Centered Selling.



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