Aloha Shining Ones!  Welcome Goddess seaSTARS!

I am SO grateful for this magical collaboration with Goddess Provisions and honored to be invited to share about one of the things that I most love in my life: the amazing adventure of Remembering Lemuria.

In my heart I know, this is a big part of why I am here on Earth at this time, and if you are reading this, then it is part of why you are here too!

I had so much fun creating this offering for you.  I hope it inspires and empowers you on your journey.

It is an honor to walk this path and do this sacred, timely work with you.  I bow to your courageous heart and your open mind.

Sending you oceans of starlight love for your remembering,

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“Each and every one of you is going to have to know that your life is about something as you begin to remember your role. You yourself chose to be here. You are on assignment to bring memory forward and to bring the value of human existence back to the forefront of creation. You are needed. You have been training for this assignment for lifetimes and you did not come unprepared. All that you need to know is already inside of you. It is your task to remember your training.”

-The Pleiadian High Council (via Barbara Marciniak)

“Believe nothing! Entertain possibilities!”
-Caroline Casey