Two years ago, when I sat for my second ayahuasca ceremony, I had one of the most profound awakenings of my life.

It began with the experience of rising up the various layers of the Tree of Life. First I was underground as a seed, then the roots, which were all of my ancestors. When I got to the upper parts of the roots, they were almost like the roots of the mangrove tree, with lots of space between the earth and the trunk of the tree. In this space, I saw the deer from the Vision Quest I had done when I was 22. As he turned to look up at me, a cobalt beam of light shot out of his eye and into my heart. I immediately burst into tears.

I remember crying, and thinking how interesting it was to be having this contractive experience, my body convulsing – compared to the previous experience of rising and expanding. Finally the tears began to subside and I began to regain my composure. I began to become aware of my body – only it wasn’t a human body. The lower half of my body curled around me, long and luminous, with shimmering white opalescent scales. I felt the top of my head and there were tall golden spikes going down my spine. Finally when I saw that my hands had large golden claws, I realized….


This moment was one of the singularly most empowering moments of my life. To have the felt experience of being so much bigger, so much more MAGICAL than I had ever thought possible! However, I also felt the deep pain of having this realization at 32. I felt so horrible for keeping my magic hidden for so long. I felt like I had betrayed all of the people that I was meant to help. I felt like I was failing at my earth mission. From that time forth I vowed to let my magic out as much as I possibly could.

I took baby steps at first, wearing galactic leggings to the clinic where I worked as an acupuncturist. Slowly but surely I gave myself more and more permission to ride into my edges of self expression. This has been what has allowed me to move my business online and move to Maui. Today I painted this dragon statue as the manifestation of the dragon I was shown that I AM.

Something has shifted.

Maybe it was the moon, but I AM feeling so fiercely committed to creating the world that I see in my mind and know in my heart. Every time I sit in ceremony, I return to another aspect of this place that is futuristic, opalescent, galactic, super high frequency, and filled with so much LOVE. I AM committing to drawing down these etheric threads, to creating the reality that I am shown is possible, and to opening my eyes to see that we CAN and ARE creating Heaven on Earth together. I know this is resonating with so many of you here because I could feel it happening even as I was painting.

There is something AWAKENING in all of us now.

Do not go back to sleep. Make art in any way you can. That is how you can open to receive more of these frequencies. That is also how you can make sense of them – because they are often so multidimensional we don’t really know how to integrate them. Make the things you see in your dreams, your visionary states, and your meditations. The world NEEDS the things that only you know and see.

Do not be afraid of being seen as crazy or weird. The more edgy it feels the more it needs to come out. And BEAUTY. Do it all as crazy messy beautiful as you can. We are all in this together.

You will be SURPRISED how many people will respond with LOVE. #letyourmagicOUT