• I believe in energy before matter.  That you can change your mind, and your physicality will follow.
  • I find magic everywhere.  I am an eternal optimist, I always see the light, the sparkle, and the goodness in things.
  • I was made for this.  It’s actually in my name.  Rachael = compassionate  Lenora = light Webb = one who weaves.  So I’m a Compassionate Light Weaver by birth.  
  • I am dedicated to my own spiritual practice of growth and renewal.  I am usually reading 3 books at once, and signed up for some kind of workshop.  As I learn, I teach.
  • I have been learning about how energy moves inside the body for over 25 years through teaching dance, yoga, and observing people as they move.
  • I am a swimmer, a gardner, and a fire spinner, so I have a good concept of how energy flows on an elemental level.
  • I am a dispensary of inspirational esoteric information.  I can talk about Pleiadian starseedings, sacred geometry, and Egyptian alchemy all day long.  And as “woo woo” as I can be, you can bet I always have some science to back it up, or know a resource that can.
  • I love making you smile.  Laughter is a powerful ally of mine.
  • I believe that the key to health & vitality is energetic integrity, a principle I live and breathe by (so I will call you on your sh*t – in a way that will make you laugh).

I hope you are having an amazing day!

All love,