Pluto + Sun + Moon + Mercury in Capricorn all being squared by Uranus. ? Release that which no longer serves you. Take a look at your unspoken agreements. What needs to shift (release) for you to move into your true power? We are in the midst of a collective rewiring.

We are rewriting the rules – some of which are so old we don’t even remember WHY we agreed to them in the first place. Whether it was us or our ancestors, it’s all the same vibration. YOU were your ancestors.

Accept responsibility for the choices you made lifetimes ago. Some of us were held at gunpoint or knifepoint when we made these agreements. Some of us did it to save our families. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes we made them simply because we didn’t know any better. We thought we were doing the right thing.

Forgive it ALL. Forgive yourself for making these agreements. Forgive the ones on the other side of the knife or the gun.

This energy can bring about eruptions – but they are really pointing at what needs to CHANGE.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. Go into the center of your heart. Breathe. Listen to her voice. It might take a while, for she has become shy over all these years. All these traumas. Deep in your heart. There is no revenge. There is no justice (human justice). Only divine will. Allow her to speak to you. She is wise beyond anything you can imagine. TRUST HER. She knows the way.  ?????