We are not stagnant.

Right now you are a different person then you were even just a few seconds ago. Every inhale you take brings new particles into your body that are assimilated into your bloodstream, shifting your responsiveness to your outer environment. The cells in your skin are in a constant state of death and rebirth. In the span of 7 years, all of the cells in your entire body will have been replaced, making you a completely new person. Every new idea you have increases the plasticity of your brain, actually creating new neural pathways, rewiring the way you see the world.

The world is more multidimensional than we think. Every time you take a big step forward in your life, you MUST let go of how you used to perceive your life. You must surrender to the expansive possibilities that you are an entirely new person, and open to creating DIFFERENTLY.

Many of us are doing just this – pushing our edges, stepping into greater integrity and authenticity in our lives – and we are finding that what used to work before no longer does. We might be struck with a moment of frustration or confusion, but, if we’ve been doing our work, we can quickly see the situation for what it is and shift into creative mode and find a NEW WAY. Surrender the old. Expand into the new. Let go of how you think things “are” or should be. Allow your old self to die, and get really curious and open about the new you that is coming through.

Be patient with yourself. Take notes. Practice good self care. We need the new you to emerge, full and strong – through all of your awkwardness and all of your self doubt – keep going. Keep showing up and opening even more. We are all in this together, and you as your new self this the next level, YOU will play an important role for others.

Be brave. You’ve got this.