On October 28th, I met with the women of Pow.wow.org – a fabulous women’s networking group, founded by Dava Gunthmiller.  We talked about different techniques for managing your energy to relieve stress in our daily lives. I use these techniques with myself & with my clients & have found them to be very effective.  

I hope you enjoy the lecture!

Pow.wow Networking: Energy Management for Stress Relief

Rachael Webb

From the event summary:

Rachael Webb, multi-dimensional healer & acupuncturist, will hold a conversation around energy management; offering tips & tricks for managing your energy better.  By harmonizing the body & mind, the spirit finds a safe place to rest. We will learn how to create sacred space in our homes & daily rituals to ground us as we go about our busy days.  Dava Guthmiller will also provide insight on saving your energy by delegating and the power of support people and teams.


Pow.wow Network

Pow.wow is…

a collection of powerful women meeting monthly to network, learn, share & grow as business leaders, innovators & creators; with a bit of fun & a few cocktails added to the mix

Join us today at www.powwownetwork.org