Virgo + Citrine – August 22nd – September 23rd

As we shift into the season of Virgo, we are invited to explore what it means to be present and embodied as divine beings in physical form on Earth. Virgo energy facilitates form, structure, organisation in a grounded way whilst remaining open, adaptable and flexible. The Priestess/Priest archetype is strong now with the illumination of sacred work in the name of pure devotion and service to the divine. Ritual combined with presence in spiritual practice is ceremony. Acting in sequence and discipline in a way that is sacred that affirms and grounds intent in the physical and aligns that which you desire to be communicated through your actions. There is a certain flavour of humbleness yet astute connectedness and efficiency in the way Virgo weaves through reality and produces tangible and practical work, supporting that which is in service.

In our world today, now – more than ever, the call to step up and into your own personal sacred service in whichever way that looks is loud and clear. Now is the time to claim your Priestess/Priest self in this Virgo season. The support for those of us ready and willing to be the carriers of sacred wisdom, healing, compassion and unconditional love here on Earth has never been stronger. It is time! Welcome in the energy of Virgo to bring this to life by weaving ceremony into your everyday. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant – in fact the most potent are often neither. Virgo supports the organisation, collection of resources and the mastery of discipline in routine in order for you to transform your every moment as an act of devotion and creation.

Citrine supports the manifestation of your heart’s intent to be of service into visible form in the world. The frequency of awakening, imagination, creativity, accessing and activating new potentials is really strong with citrine which is also strongly aligned with our third eye, solar plexus and sacral chakras. There is absolutely no limit to what we can create and achieve when will is aligned for the highest outcome of all beings and when we commit that to our everyday actions. Use the process of ritual with the power of citrine and the energy of the Golden Flame of Resurrection of which is it carries to resurrect, restore and reboot into being a state of deep devotion and the power of your limitless I AM presence.

Working with Citrine

Meditation for Bringing Into Form with Citrine

Have a journal and pen handy. Position yourself comfortably, light a candle and hold your gaze softly on the flame, eyes open. Find yourself coming to a place of stillness. Observe how your body has come to rest, inviting any areas of resistance to soften and release. In the palms of your hand hold a piece of citrine or visualise citrine being present in the energy of your palms. Allow whichever attribute of citrine to be present with you whether it be colour, temperature, sensation, a knowing or a feeling. No need to analyse this with the mind. Everything is perfect as it is.

Call in your guides, angels, all benevolent beings of light, Gaia, your ancestors and your higher self in witness and support of all that you are right in this moment. Offer gratitude and deep thanks for their presence, wisdom and guidance in all that you have done, and are yet to do. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs and breathing down into your belly. Breathe deeply and slowly, twice more.

Gently close your eyes and become aware of the space of your heart. Rest here. Breathe. With every breath feel the field of your heart become bigger and wider. Let it flow in with ease. With each breath allow the most radiant golden light fill your entire heart space. Feel the expansion with every breath. Fill up your entire body with this golden light, infusing every cell, every piece of DNA.

See a column of golden light streaming down into the crown of your head washing through your third eye, your throat, the heart space, solar plexus, sacral chakra and down into your root. Drop a golden cord from the base of your spine down and ask Gaia to open and hold this grounding cord for you. See her layers open and the golden cord move down deep to wrap around her core. Feel this strong foundation.

Bathe in this divine golden light, extending it out into your energetic field and out into the world around you. Come back into the temple your heart and take a seat by the Golden Flame that burns in this sacred space within you. Here state your intention of being of service for the highest and best of all. Proclaim this as your sacred purpose with full devotion, letting go of any conditions, doubts and fears into the Flame. Allow the Golden Flame to permeate every part of your being with a love and strength that is unconditional and unwavering. Ask now what may be restored, rebooted and resurrected and made available so that you may step into service on a deeper level. Trust that the answer is available to you in the right moment, in the way you will best receive it. Offer deep gratitude and love to Golden Flame and the benevolent beings who keep it.

Come to the third eye and observe what may be present there for you, holding the intent of being of service in your heart. There may be an action, a feeling, a word or something specific to you that is present here. Feel and trust the energetic rearrangement in the sacral chakra to facilitate this new state of being or direction to allow the seeds of what it is you are to create to land and be nourished until it is to released into the world, in the right moment. Allow the field to rearrange around you, trusting that all you need will be available to support you and your actions in service.

Come back into your physical body fully, knowing the Golden Flame is within you always. Gently open your eyes. Record your impressions and insights in your journal. Rest further if you desire in this peaceful space.


Thank you so much for celebrating the magic power of crystal allies!  Until next month!

With love, from my sacred heart to yours,

Inside the Prism

Lisa Kotz is an intuitive healer, Arvigo® Therapist, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse and is an experienced nurse educator and mentor. Her life’s work is devoted to supporting the health of others.

She believes the key to health starts with reconnecting with our body and emotions by learning to understand their messages and using tools and knowledge to support the body’s optimal state of being.

Lisa has a special gift of holding sacred space for others to guide multidimensional healing, learning, transformation and evolution both in her private healing sessions with clients and her professional nursing practice.

She is passionate about embodying compassion, empathy and love whilst maintaining discernment and honouring her personal sovereignty and teaching others to do the same.

Lisa’s work on Earth during this time of shift and evolution is to support the alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to live fully and freely from our hearts.

Lisa is a current student in the Lemurian School of Remembering, having completed the Lemurian Leadership level (3rd level).  Through her journey she has remembered her deep connection to the Stone People and Crystal Allies, and is passionate about sharing this medicine with the world.

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