Sagittarius + Amethyst – November 22nd – December 21st


Now is the time to set your compass towards the truth of who you really are. Are you ready to see where the path takes you? There may be many directions calling your name, but which to choose?. With love as your true north feel the vitality of Sagittarius as we transition into this season of exploration and expansion of consciousness and creation. It is so important to honour those inner desires to seek that which may be sensed but not yet fully realized or expressed. Witness yourself and where you are right now, in this moment. How much of your desire stems from a space of lack and inadequacy? How much is steeped divine curiosity and lust for life? What does truth mean to you?

There is a deep yearning and desire in the collective to uncover truth right now. The divine truth of who we really are. Not the things we have been told to believe about ourselves. Not what we have learned from institutions or our parents or the media. Sagittarius energy supports us now to be courageous truth seekers and adventurers of our own inner terrain.

We are so strongly supported to step up and be our own guide. The way-shower for ourselves. Be your own guru. All signs point to the landscape within our own heart to know the expression of what our truth is. The search outside of yourself for this is over. Often times, the road to truth feels inaccessible and uncertain especially when we sold false truths in the past that kept us contained and small. The New Earth calls for self-initiates now, those who are willing to dare to dream of limitless potential and move it into being. Sagittarius is holding open the portal to follow the songlines of the past into the future right now. Walking this path also takes courage and stamina. Balance is needed too – knowing when to take strong steps forward, how to be flexible and when to tread lightly on uneven ground. When to charge forwards, and when to rest. Knowing when and how to call on allies, and when to proceed solo.

You are your own guide and teacher and your body knows the way. Within every cell of your being holds the unique frequency that is you. Your body the vehicle of truth. Accessing our own unadulterated creative energy can be just as much elusive as it is overwhelming, terrifying and joyous all at the same time. It is now the perfect moment to call upon the sacred map within you to come forward and to light the path, one step at a time. The experience of our own creativity is often seen through the lens of our own societal programming, limiting beliefs and it can be elusive if we are not grounded. It is the perfect time now to remember to call upon the wisdom lying dormant in your cells and to call upon Amethyst as it offers itself as a faithful stone ally and facilitator on your quest.

Amethyst has supported humanity across the ages and is one of the most well known and loved stones. It’s purple hue radiates divine love, universal balance and encourages humility and the embodiment of spirit in the human avatar. Amethyst is typically associated with the upper energy centres in the body due to its colour, however, it also holds the vibration of red which comprises purple. Red is strongly associated with the root energy centre in the human body and so Amethyst possesses a grounding frequency as well as the upper centre opening – the perfect combination for facilitating embodiment and centring within the avatar. It comes as no surprise that Amethyst has been so highly regarded and sought after throughout time for healing and spiritual connection alike. Use Amethyst as the space holder and facilitator of the frequencies that align so perfectly with your inner guidance system. It helps you to access this system within yourself by clearing your field of anything dissonant like external conditioning and previously held limiting beliefs. At the same time, it helps to widen your channel to the divine, amplifies the codes of wisdom held in your cells and supports your subconscious and conscious to decipher and receive it! A powerful and benevolent ally indeed! This, and so much more are the gifts from Amethyst this Sagittarius season.

Using Amethyst in Sagittarius Season

Create an altar dedicated to your divine path of discovery and knowing your truth including Amethyst. An altar provides a physical expression of dedication, devotion and beauty of what is in the unseen. It is a link and a curated portal between you and the divine, and where conscious intent, prayer, and meditation layered at this place can result in the most magic, creative and transformational experiences.

There are no real rules when it comes to creating one of your own. Altars are the most potent and powerful when they are consciously curated with special tokens and pieces that may be unique and significant to you. An altar may be elaborate, colourful and large or as simple as one single significant piece. It can include other elements you wish to use such as devotion to the four directions, your ancestors, the land on which you reside, the season and cycle of the wheel of the year and any offerings and blessings that feel right. Activate your altar by connecting it with you heart, Gaia, your higher self and with Source in a ceremonial way. Choose a piece of Amethyst that calls you in anyway, or several if it feels true. Your altar is living and so the placement and selection of pieces may shift in change in fluid harmony.

Spend time regularly in quiet reflection, contemplation and meditation at your sacred altar space. Hold the intention of discovery, new possibilities and an openness to the support of Amethyst on your journey. Before you ask anything, make an offering from your heart to open the field of reciprocity and step into a space of humility and gratitude. Do more listening than talking! As you have created a tangible junction between the physical and the non-physical, be open to the possibility of your greatest desires manifesting in ways you cannot yet imagine. You are a powerful creator, explorer and architect of your experience. Amethyst is your humble stone ally and so willing and ready to support you in all that you are!

Thank you so much for celebrating the magic power of crystal allies!  Until next month!

With love, from my sacred heart to yours,


Inside the Prism

Lisa Kotz is an intuitive healer, Arvigo® Therapist, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse and is an experienced nurse educator and mentor. Her life’s work is devoted to supporting the health of others.

She believes the key to health starts with reconnecting with our body and emotions by learning to understand their messages and using tools and knowledge to support the body’s optimal state of being.

Lisa has a special gift of holding sacred space for others to guide multidimensional healing, learning, transformation and evolution both in her private healing sessions with clients and her professional nursing practice.

She is passionate about embodying compassion, empathy and love whilst maintaining discernment and honouring her personal sovereignty and teaching others to do the same.

Lisa’s work on Earth during this time of shift and evolution is to support the alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to live fully and freely from our hearts.

Lisa is a current student in the Lemurian School of Remembering, having completed the Lemurian Leadership level (3rd level).  Through her journey she has remembered her deep connection to the Stone People and Crystal Allies, and is passionate about sharing this medicine with the world.

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