Libra + Lemurian Seed Crystal – September 23rd – October 22nd

Libra season is offering us the chance to once again balance and recalibrate all that we have been working on within ourselves and in our relationships with others. It is a blessed time for integration and the reconciliation of what we have been holding and ‘weighing up’. What will serve the highest version of you and what needs to fall away? The energy of Libra facilitates a grand harmonisation across all levels of our being!
So many of us are doing the deep inner work to complete old patterns and cycles relating to our sacred feminine and masculine wounds which is also being played out in the collective (as within, so without). Embodiment of the divine self (spirit) in physical form is of highest importance right now, in order to truly fulfil what it means to be alive with Gaia at this time. All our work is celebrated with excitement and joy by the biggest celestial cheer squad! There has been no other time quite like now supporting the next level of this sacred partnership within your own being as we are so held in this integrated space by Libra. Venus holds this energy for us too with so much love and grace. Notice the beauty of your own inner temple where these parts of yourself are harmonised and be guided by this place with every step, word and breath that you take.
The Lemurian Seed crystal offers its energy in conjunction with the balancing and integration process occurring on many levels within and without. The Lemurian crystals are of special support when accessing the frequencies of our soul and higher planes of wisdom and consciousness as they work with the crown and soul star chakras to transmit those codes to our field. These crystals are exquisitely attuned to carry the Lemurian consciousness frequencies and so have a very special role to play for those of us who are working through our hearts to restore what is truly Heaven on Earth – the balanced human living in harmony with Gaia and all of her realms.
Working with the Lemurian Seed Crystal & Water
To activate the Lemurian Seed crystal you are collaborating with in water and with the waters of your body is one of the most powerful ways to work with this crystal. The affinity of Lemuria and the water element is so strong, with water alchemy being a powerful way to access the codes of the crystal to support your Libran integration period (and any other time as well). A beautiful way to do this is by creating a sacred bath or foot bath practice that both brings you fully into your body through a sensory experience as well as steeping you (literally!) in the essence of Lemuria through the crystal frequencies.
Lemurian Seed Crystal Bath or Foot Bath Practice:
Set aside a time of the day where you can relax, take the time for yourself and be present
Gather your bath equipment – the Lemurian Seed crystal(s), towels, candles, any essential oils, herbs, salts, flowers or music you desire. Leave your phone on airplane mode. Have a journal or recorder handy for capturing any insights after your bath.
run the bath/foot bath water to a comfortable temperature, dress your bath intentionally and with presence with your chosen herbs/oils/salts/flowers as you are preparing it for the gorgeous being that you are.
Have your Lemurian Seed crystal(s) close by so you may reach them once in the bath
Situate yourself in the water and gently allow yourself to come to a place of stillness and awareness. Use your breath as an anchor to this place.
When it feels right, gather the crystal(s) in your left hand and make an offering to it – a gesture of deep gratitude and love. Ask it to collaborate with you in support of your integration on all levels. When it feels right, take the crystal in your right hand and place it in the water with you.
Out loud, speak to your body and all the cells within it and instruct them to receive the Lemurian and harmonising frequencies transmitted through the water for the highest and best outcome for you through all time, space, dimensions and realities. Then proclaim three times out loud “It is done, it is done, it is done”.
Allow the sensory experience of the aromas, the warmth and the frequencies to fill up your heart and bring you even more present within your body temple.
When you feel complete in this space, remove your crystal(s) gently and again offer gratitude and love for their support on your mission and journey.
Journal any insights, dreams or creations received during your crystal bath.


Thank you so much for celebrating the magic power of crystal allies!  Until next month!

With love, from my sacred heart to yours,

Inside the Prism

Lisa Kotz is an intuitive healer, Arvigo® Therapist, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse and is an experienced nurse educator and mentor. Her life’s work is devoted to supporting the health of others.

She believes the key to health starts with reconnecting with our body and emotions by learning to understand their messages and using tools and knowledge to support the body’s optimal state of being.

Lisa has a special gift of holding sacred space for others to guide multidimensional healing, learning, transformation and evolution both in her private healing sessions with clients and her professional nursing practice.

She is passionate about embodying compassion, empathy and love whilst maintaining discernment and honouring her personal sovereignty and teaching others to do the same.

Lisa’s work on Earth during this time of shift and evolution is to support the alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to live fully and freely from our hearts.

Lisa is a current student in the Lemurian School of Remembering, having completed the Lemurian Leadership level (3rd level).  Through her journey she has remembered her deep connection to the Stone People and Crystal Allies, and is passionate about sharing this medicine with the world.

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