Aries + Lapis Lazuli – March 21 – April 20
by Lisa Kotz

Aries season heralds the start of a new astrological year with the action-focused energy of Mars. It is the perfect time to start anew, bring in a new vision for the forthcoming year of what is desiring to manifest in the field. The fiery nature of Aries can propel an impulsive, explosive and passionate thrust of action forward to get things going! In this energy we can feel full of life force and unlimited power. This is very useful in the short term to start the momentum, but the burst may be short-lived and can wear itself out if there is no clear direction or vision anchored behind it. The real magic and power is when the action is aligned with our heart’s fire – alchemising it into inspired sacred action!

As we emerge from the dreamy inner landscape of Pisces it’s now time to bring forth and crystalize the higher visions you have been exploring into inspired, focused action with Aries energy and Lapis Lazuli clarifying the path. Coming into the new season of Spring or Autumn after the Equinox (wherever you are on Gaia) and in a particularly potent time of new energy from the cosmos being available to us, we are riding the waves of change on every level. Lapis Lazuli offers support to bring through the clarity of our highest vision for ourselves and for Gaia. Being the stone of realisation, it has the ability to cut through to truth. Activating the psychic centres and opening up visionary awareness in order to help you realise and embody your sovereignty as a Being of Light and then to manifest your desires through inspired sacred action.

Lapis Lazuli acts like a key to help you access and regain lost esoteric knowledge and your gifts from past lives. Now is the time to combine deepening spiritual awareness and heart-centred action during Aries season with Lapis Lazuli so that you can move into the experience of drive and focus led by your heart.

Lapis Lazuli – Attributes / Quality / Energy

  • Ancient stone of spiritual work used in reverence by many ancient civilisations across time
  • Guides purpose & direction
  • Activates the psychic centres and visionary awareness
  • Supports to bring esoteric knowledge & past life gifts into the now
  • Stone of realisation and of claiming sovereignty & power of the higher self
  • Affinity with the voice & assists the expression of truth from the high cosmos on Earth
  • Blue/Gold stone & is a composite of Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite
  • Typically a masculine with a direct and definitive energy

How Lapis Lazuli can support you during Aries season

  • In meditation to bring forth into clear sight the path forward for your work or a new idea to create in the physical reality
  • Clear and direct communication of ideas for projects with your co-workers or family
  • Moving beyond the everyday to-do list & allowing heart/higher wisdom to guide action
  • Expanded awareness when combining action with intuition

Working with Lapis Lazuli

  • Meditate lying down with a smaller piece of Lapis Lazuli on your third eye to open your   psychic vision more deeply
  • Sleep with Lapis Lazuli at your bedside to facilitate a remembrance of past life knowledge   and skills in your dreamspace


Crystal Allies for the Astrological Seasons
  • Keep a piece on or near your workspace to energetically collaborate with you on project planning and creation
  • Wear a Lapis Lazuli pendant over your throat or heart chakra to clarify & amplify your higher voice and wisdom when communicating and being in the world. 

Thank you so much for celebrating the magic power of crystal allies!  Until next month!

With love, from my sacred heart to yours, 

Inside the Prism