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We are living in wild times.  There is so much change, transformation, and deep healing happening on our planet right now.  Many people are having to really reevaluate how they work, earn money, and support themselves and their families. 

It seems like that one of 2020’s biggest initiations is the lesson that the 3rd Dimension is not as stable and dependable as we thought (especially when it comes to work). More and more people are getting serious about moving their work online.

You came to this planet with gifts, teaching, and wisdom to share. The world NEEDS your gifts. There are literally thousands of people at your fingertips who are waiting to receive the medicine you came here to share. We have never been called more deeply into service than we are now.

In Cosmic Course Creation, I share everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years about

how to create your first online course.

It’s so epic. And so much fun!  You definitely don’t want to miss out on this adventure!

Hi There!

I’m Rakai’el!  Most of you probably know me like this:

Lemurian Priestess, Sound Healer, Astrologer, creator of epic photoshoots that are part fantasy, part glamour, and visionary mind behind the Lemurian School of Remembering and a bunch of other magical courses.

I’ve been creating, building, teaching, and filming online classes since 2015.  But it wasn’t always this way.  I used to be an Acupuncturist, working 1:1 in-person with people in San Francisco.  That part of my life was amazing, and I learned so many things.  But I could only see 4 people (max) per day (even that was a lot) in the little room that I shared with another Acupuncturist.  I knew that my message and my dharma (the magical medicine I came here to share, and the impact my soul wanted to make) was WAAAAY bigger than I’d be able to make sitting with 4 people per day in that little room.  I was posting regularly on Instagram, and more and more people were becoming interested in me and what I had to share.  A woman reached out to me asking to work with me 1:1 on the internet, so I developed a program for her based on the patterns I’d witnessed my other clients go through (I’ll tell you the whole story in class), and long story short this became the beginning of my career as a digital course creator and online teacher.

But I’m also very much this:

Chillin in my yoga clothes, writing Instagram posts, emails, creating sales pages – all the nerdy behind the scenes stuff.  People ask me who designed & maintains my website, and while I do have a team of amazing women that help keep things updated, the design work and creative vision are 100% me.  I’ve written and designed every single sales page, and every page on this site.

Now, 5 years later, I’ve built my own Queendom on the internet, and serve a community of tens of thousands all over the world.  I’ve designed, built, and taught courses on all kinds of things: Energetic Hygiene, Sharing yourself authentically on Instagram & getting paid to do what you love, Astrology, Sound Healing, I’ve even built an entirely online school to help people remember their past lives.  I pretty much teach about whatever I want.

All of these things would “normally” be things that “you can’t make money doing”, but not for me – not at all.  By moving my business online & creating digital courses, I’ve been able to liberate myself from having to rely on the 3rd Dimension to make a living.  I no longer have to rely on in-person clients, pay rent on clinic space, and go to networking events to drum up business. It takes hard work, determination, and massive faith in the long game – but over the past 5 years I’ve gotten myself to a place where I’ll never be unemployed, can work from anywhere, pay my own health insurance, support my team of 3 amazing soul sisters who are devoted to this mission, and help thousands of people all over the world every day.

Ascending into the online realms has truly been the greatest gift of my life –
and now I want to teach you how you can do it too!

I’m so excited to announce the official launch of:

Cosmic Course Creation

How to create & build your first online course so that you can work beyond the 3rd Dimension

This class is for anyone who is:

★ Unemployed due to COVID/Lockdown, etc.

★ Has been working for someone else, but now due to our current situation, is seriously reconsidering if that line of work is best for them.

★ Has been watching other people (sometimes their friends) on the internet, living lives where they are location independent, can (usually) travel whenever they want, make their own hours, are making passive income, providing for their families, living a life of ease & abundance, and helping thousands of people all over the world.

★ Has been taking online courses, but never thought they had what it takes (knowledge/experience/authority) to make & teach their own course.

★ Has ideas for online courses, but hasn’t taken action to get them out into the world due to perceived limitations around understanding the tech stuff, and/or getting a better camera/lights/sound equipment/build a website/etc.

★ Has made 1 or more online classes, that haven’t been selling the way you wanted them to.

★ Really feeling called to share their gifts & experiences, to step up and CONTRIBUTE to our collective process of Transformation right now, and really sense, feel and KNOW that you are living on Purpose and in your Dharma, and really making a DIFFERENCE.

I could go on… you know if you are called.

What people are saying…

I’ve taken Rakai’el’s courses before, and I knew I would find a lot of inspiration and value in Cosmic Course Creation around the creation of a website and courses.  I know that she has a lot of integrity and practicality around what she chooses to teach.  After taking this course, I  learned that the magic each person has to share, their personal energy and passion around a topic – is actually an ‘energetic entity’, an idea people want to hear! First and foremost, it is the energy, passion, and frequency – the heart and soul that creates a course or website.  My biggest take-away from this experience: I can DO it! I have MAGIC to share! <blows kisses> I love Rakai’el’s style; pretty photos, colors, lighting, she’s inspiring, creative, plus she has a great, authentic and caring energy.  I feel a real sense of trust through the internet. Thank you!

Geri Wurth

Earth Mama, Kansas City, Missouri, @kcnightkitchen also @growyourcalm

When I saw the offering of Cosmic Course Creation, I was well into the course creation process. I was seeking guidance and inspiration in all the work that goes into it.  My favorite topic that we covered was self-empowerment and believing in my unique frequency; it changed my entire approach.  I was feeling stuck in having to do things everyone else’s way, and starting to feel overwhelmed. Rakai’el’s words were a game-changer and a complete reset. I realized how important it was to simply focus on me and allow for everything else to happen for me.

This course definitely sped up the process of completing and launching my course, because there was a knowing afterward within me that wasn’t there before.  I now know I have everything I need, and it’s my responsibility to get it out there and share it with others.  Rakai’el’s energy is great and the way she allows things to flow naturally is very inspiring and helpful, especially for course creators who think (like I did) that perfection is the only way. Mahalo!

Celeste Gluz

Mentor, Wisdom Keeper, Oahu, HI, @celestegluz1111,

I signed up for Cosmic Course Creation because I was curious about what Rakai’el was teaching about, I had the time, and the price was nice.  I was most interested in the pragmatic stuff like lighting, as well as her approach and attitude to course creation.  I really appreciate her ‘who cares attitude’ – I enjoyed learning from her as she kept it fun, light, and experimental.  Rakai’el is an inspiration!!   

Pam Vitaz

Metaphysical Realtor, Northern Michigan, @pamvitaz or @mamaixapaminerals,

I signed up for Cosmic Course Creation, because I wanted to gain new insights and new energy that would help me get out of my own way and re-launch my courses. I had several courses I had created in the past and was feeling blocked and uninspired as to how to move forward and put them out into the world. CCC really allowed me to break free from the stories, thoughts, and worries about how to show up – and just be in the flow and GO FOR IT! 

One of the biggest, most liberating, and empowering insights I learned from this class was from the Cosmic Caterer metaphor; that my job is to show up and offer the world what is on my catering tray – and not care about whether people like what I am serving. This was SO freeing as it shifted how I show up.  I have been attracting the people who really resonate with my energy and what I have to offer. I am no longer holding back or afraid. It also created a shift in the attachment I had to my thoughts around my courses, and created space for me to just offer what comes through without the worries of how people perceive it. The people who love my version of hors d’oevres will come back for more. This allowed me to create and offer…and I found the people who have come back for seconds and thirds of my tray of delights!

Rebecca Loach

Angelic Channel + Sacred Scribe, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,, @rebecca_loach

I signed up for Cosmic Course Creation to get motivated to share my medicine, and learn some of Rakai’el’s tips.  I really enjoyed that she shared about so many things; the details on her setups, her recordings, lighting, equipment, and more.  The resource page was really helpful! The biggest insight I had after taking this course was that creating my courses can be easier than I thought it would be.  I was very happy with all of the content.  Rakai’el always gives so much information in all that she shares.  Thank you!

Erin McDermott

Sound Alchemist, @Erinmcdermott888

I was inspired to take Cosmic Course Creation because I know I have a message inside of me that is ready to be shared with the world.  My intention, in the beginning, was to let myself trust that I am ready to let that message out.  The course truly felt all-encompassing.  I also enjoyed the resources page, there was such amazing guidance on which apps are helpful and useful, as well as cost-effective, to get things rolling.  My favorite topic covered was the inspiration of Rakai’el stating “Do the damn thing!” I felt so encouraged that I am worthy and inspiring and that there are plenty of people out there who are looking for exactly what I have to offer. I also loved how she encouraged us to just start, and to allow things to evolve as they evolve! 

I am still in the process of letting my course creations come through my body and I am trusting the timing of it all.  This course has given me so much more confidence to know that I can do it!  I may even take the course again to soak in even more juiciness. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during class. My biggest insight is that it is actually quite easy to put everything together and to have it be as scalable as I desire.  I love Rakai’el’s energy and feel so inspired by her.  I love how authentic, empowering, open, and loving she is!  Such a beautiful shining example of a being! Thank you for being You!

Karen Berner

Player of Sounds and Observer of Energy Movement, Lake Stevens, WA, @ichoosemyself83,

My intention for this class was to develop self-confidence and self-empowerment. I want to create a great life for myself and others through my spiritual offerings.  My favorite topic was learning how to develop my offerings through inspirational downloads from spirit. I am a creative writer, but it’s difficult for me to want to sell my own work.

I felt shame at first, like I shouldn’t be selling my work.  However, when I do something in the name of God, because I am directed by God to do it, for a higher purpose (out of love), then I can do it.  The questions I can ask myself are: What is my motivation (Higher Purpose)? Am I doing it to help people or am I doing it to make money? Do I need to receive money for my creativity? Can I just be creative without asking for money? God is channeling through me when I am creative. I am connected with God. THAT is the motivation. I have shame because I am seeking other people’s approval as if I am less than, and they are the authority. Actually, I have God channeling through me and that is my authority. I don’t need to seek approval for God’s work. It just is. When I focus on the money, I am asking other people for approval. I take God’s work and lower it to the level of the ego, by creating a belief that something holy is mundane which can be bartered for. The angels would never barter for their work; to them, it is an honor to do God’s work. So, the ultimate creative goal for me is to do God’s work and be guided to sharing inspirations (in the form of courses) with the Universal Whole.

After taking this course, I finally gathered together my notes and self-published a spiritual manual based on channeled messages from spirit called The Art of Being Love.  My biggest insight from this course is that I am a creative being and my creations (courses and books) are spiritual offerings of love.

Julie Ong

Spiritual Life Coach & Author, @risejulierise, San Francisco, CA

What inspired me to say YES to Cosmic Course Creation was that I really wanted to learn new ways of creating and selling my offerings, and tackle selling on Instagram. My favorite two topics were authentic sales, and launches. I also really appreciated the recommended resources. After taking the course, I can definitely see a shift in the way I feel about my time on Instagram. It’s also continuing to support me as I create my website and birth my offerings. My biggest insight from this experience is that how I feel about Instagram matters.

Heather Huston

Empowerment Coach, @heatherbhuston_huston,

My intention when signing up for Cosmic Course Creation was to learn how to create an online course, and to gain confidence and momentum. I love the way Rakai’el teaches. She doesn’t use the same old formulas that so many teachers use. She really has her own way and it is inspiring. I enjoyed learning about all of the different ways of doing things, it enabled me to feel confident in doing it my own way. My take-away from this experience is that there are many options out there, and it’s so exciting – I feel very inspired to create!

Melissa King

Art psychotherapist, Shamanic healer, Manchester UK, @insight_voyager,

I found Rakai’el through Instagram, and have done many programs with her. When I saw Cosmic Course Creation, I knew I had to check it out! The course was really approachable and gave me a positive outletto start, and to learn something that I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, but felt nervous to ask for help with. I love how she broke down the behind the scenes processes. The lessons opened up ideas for me on how I could apply them to my own systems when I’m ready. The biggest take-aways that I learned in the course: 1) Online programs and offerings are a lot more approachable than I realized, 2) it’s ok to learn as you go, 3) structure and content are the most important, and 4) trusting that the message is meant to come through, and that it will find the audience that needs it. There was so much awesome material in the course, and it was really well rounded. Thank you for what you do!


Self Care Wizard, @jaguarhighpriestess

I have been receiving downloads for classes and wasn’t sure how to go about offering them.  Then I saw Cosmic Course Creation, and knew I had to sign up!  I actually decided to leave my day job during the pandemic, and now live and love fully in my business.  This course was a BIG part of that. It gave me courage, the push to have confidence in my magic, and to finally be unafraid to trust that I am worthy and capable to create the life and business that I am meant to.  This class was a game-changer for me – it truly gave me the confidence to sit in my connection with spirit, and allow it to flow. 

My intention going into the course was to gain a better understanding around the backend of course creation, so that I could have the space to offer my courses and not be soaked in the stress of all of the details.  I really enjoyed all of the recommended resources, and have used many of them.  So many things in this class set me up for success.  One of the greatest lessons that I took from the course was to do what lights you up.  Course creation shouldn’t be solely about making money – is really about letting our own personal connection to source show up in our work.

My biggest takeaway and gratitude was the reminder that it doesn’t have to be so hard or complicated. Keeping it simple makes it easier to be in my authenticity, and allows me the freedom of not having to be perfect. The souls who want to work with me don’t come to me for my perfection – they come to sit in circle with me, because I show up as me.   I don’t feel afraid anymore – now just to make time to get my course into the world! I adore Rakai’el and her energy.  I’m so thankful for her continued dedication to offering pieces of her own journey so that others can see that it’s messy, beautiful, and also not super complicated.  Thank you for all you offer and how you show up.

Ashley Holsopple

Creatrix, RMT, Shadow Worker, @thegroveapothica

I signed up for Cosmic Course Creation because I was really curious as to how Rakai’el creates.  I had created one course before but didn’t get many sign-ups, so I wanted to learn from Rakai’el some practical ways to get my course out there to those it is meant to serve.  I wanted to learn how to get myself past the ‘I don’t know how to do its’. I was also hoping some of her enthusiasm would rub off on me!  The recommendations in the course were really useful, and I have already purchased some helpful items that feel so empowering to me for my next course.  I’m now excited about pulling everything I’ve learned into an evergreen/hybrid style course.  One of the biggest insights I took away from this course was that YES, I can do this!  I feel like I now have given myself permission to just DO IT!  Always love Rakai’el, her energy, and honesty. This course was AMAZING, and truly incredible, thank you 🙏  Love you 😘

Jo Gillard

Emotional Well-being Coach & Dream Weaver, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, @jo_gillard,

This is our flow

Module 1: Introduction

  • Opening Meditation
  • How I transitioned from in-person healing work to becoming an online teacher serving a global community
  • Acupuncture
  • The Awakening
  • Energetic Hygiene
  • The Energetics of Instagram (currently Insta Prosperity)

Module 2: Dispelling Common Myths

  • Do you really need all that gear? Camera, Lights, Microphone +more
  • Keep it really simple
  • Platforms to host your courses

Module 3: Deprogramming Common Stories You Tell Yourself

  • I don’t have anything to share
  • Who am I to teach?
  • The market is already saturated
  • What do I share first?
  • Receiving Divine Assignments
  • Discovering your Niche
  • How do you know when your course is ready?

Module 4: Types of Courses

  • Instant Access vs Drip Content
  • All prerecorded before you sell
  • Outline, record as you go
  • Live classes with replays
  • Pros & Cons of each type of class

Module 5: Setting Up The Backend

  • Space to hold your content
  • Space to receive money
  • Email Communication & Delivery of content
  • Space to sell your courses (sales pages)
  • The Anatomy of a Sales Page

Module 6: How To Sell Your Course

  • Pricing (the energetic exchange, numerology) 
  • Target Audience
  • Instagram posts 
  • Emails
  • Direct outreach 
  • Manifestation (energetic frequency of receiving) 
  • Launch Phase
  • Q&A Section
  • Closing Meditation


*And of course we’ll talk about the Energetic components that go along with all of the technical parts – bc it’s me!

What is Included:

Get INSTANT ACCESS and UNLIMITED REPLAYS to all of the course content when you sign up below!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and any updates & additions I create.
  • The Cosmic Course Creation Course: 6 Training Videos. 
  • Over 4 hours of content.
  • Downloadable audio tracks of all of the training videos.
  • Recommended resources, website, and gear to support you in creating your offers.
  • Lifetime access to our private Peer-to-Peer Cosmic Course Creation group. (This is NOT a Facebook group)
    Some features of this Private Group:
    * Peer-to-Peer support. Rakai’el will not be active in this group.
    * Mobile app and web interface, clear organization, secure and confidential communication.

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Cosmic Course Creation + Heart Centered Selling + Insta Prosperity

The Trinity


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Refund Policy: I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Read the affirmation on the payment page out loud.  Really feel all of the people in your life who will benefit (most of all YOU) from this decision to invest in yourself.  I always say, the money I spend on me comes back to me times 3!  That said, you have 24-hours from the exact date and time of your initial payment to request a refund. Refund requests must be sent via email to After the 24-hour time period has passed, no refunds will be offered.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent this course and it’s potential for increased income, however, there are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any improvements to your income at all. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. By choosing to enroll in this course, you acknowledge that you are in complete control of your own success, and accept full responsibility for your own prosperity.


Q:  I enrolled in Cosmic Course Creation when it was taught as a Live class.  Will I receive a discount code to purchase the full course?
A: Check your email! xo

Q: Help!  I signed up but haven’t received my Welcome email.
A: Within 15-20 minutes after signing up, you should receive your Welcome email with all of the details, the link for the course, etc.

Please follow the directions on the Thank You page to save our email address to your contacts, whitelist us, and check your spam.  Note:  If you’ve unsubscribed from my emails in the past, I cannot send you emails anymore, even for things you pay for – so you’ll need to send an email to my team so they can help you get your access reinstated.

If you’ve followed the above steps, and still have not received your email, please email my team and they will be happy to help you get everything sorted!

Q: When does the course start?

A: You get INSTANT ACCESS!!  The course starts as soon as you sign up!  All of the information is at your fingertips with pre-recorded videos, so you can get started right away!

Q: How often will the enrollment be open for Cosmic Course Creation?  I’m interested, and I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for this round or the next one!

A: It’s so exciting that you’re feeling inspired to learn how to create and build your online course so that you can work beyond the 3rd Dimension!  This class is available on our website all year long.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: For as long as I have a website.  You will also have access to any and all updates, upgrades, reformatting, etc that I create along the way.

Q: Does Cosmic Course Creation include all of the information a person needs to get their course(s) packaged and ready for sale? 
A: Yes!  We will go over all of this.  The world needs your magic!

Q: What course formats will you be going over in Cosmic Course Creation?
A: We go over all of the different ways you can format your courses!  We will be talking about instant access versus drip content, all prerecorded before you sell, create as you go, live classes, and the pros and cons of each type of class.

Q: Is Cosmic Course Creation only for entrepreneurs or people with a business?  I am currently in school – I have plans to start a business after I get out, but I’m not there yet.

A:  This class is not just for entrepreneurs or people with an existing business.  I feel like Instagram has been one of the most powerful influences in strengthening my personal sense of self.  Through finding my tribe, and gaining clarity on who I am in the world and how I want to show up, my sense of self-confidence has gone through the roof.  This feeling of clarity can only benefit you now and will become even more valuable as you get closer to the end of school and begin to think about starting your business. When the time comes for you to begin your business, you will be starting from a 3 or 4, when other people around you will be starting at zero.

Q:  Does this course go over building your own courses?
A:  YES!  Cosmic Course Creation covers everything you need to know about creating and building your own courses.

Q:  I’m really interested in Cosmic Course Creation – but what if I don’t know what I want to teach a course on?
A:  I totally get it!  AND you never know when inspiration will strike, and maybe there was some mental space being taken up about worrying about how to understand how everything around building a course works, and when you learn how to do that – the inspiration for what the course will be will arrive!  There have been so many people who have asked me this question, and right after they took the course they got their idea(s)!

Q:  Does this course go over how to set up payment options for services?
A:  Excellent question, YES!  I cover everything you need to know about setting up payment options for services in Cosmic Course Creation.

Q:  Will you be going over how to use certain programs, or just how to organize your gifts into a course?
A:  We are getting super techy!  I literally share my screen and show you all the programs and platforms I have used!  I don’t cover programs and platforms I don’t use, obviously.  If you like the way I do things and want to do yours in a similar way, I will teach you everything I know.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you!

Q: How does the monthly payment plan work? Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A: Yes, that is correct. If you choose the payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for five months, on the date you first paid. For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 23rd, the remaining four instalments will all pull on the 23rd of the following four months.

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  In full acknowledgment of the economic differences that systemic racism, white supremacy, and colonialism have created across generations, we have a few scholarships available to support our BIPOC community: we have a few scholarships available for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color for 50% off the course. Please send us an email here if you are interested.

Q: What are the details of The Trinity?
A: With The Trinity, you will be receiving 3 amazing courses:
1) Insta Prosperity,
2) Cosmic Course Creation, AND
3) Heart Centered Selling.


Have a question that I didn’t answer here?  Send us an email and we’ll answer your questions asap!