I never would have dreamed that I would open a box of tarot cards to find myself inside – and especially not a deck as luminous and magical as this one.  

I remember somehow finding Star Child Tarot’s Instagram account through following the golden filaments of energy through different posts. When I saw her page I leaned a little closer to my screen… “How does she know what my inner world looks like?!?” I said to my phone.

Tarot card collaboration with Star Child Tarot and In Her Image photography.

Flash forward after a whole avalanche of likes and comments – to one day when I opened my IG account to see a DM from @starchildtarot!  She was sharing that she was making a new deck and wanted to feature some of the healers and teachers she knew, and asked if I’d be down to share some images with her for the deck. Ummm… yes please! So we began the process of working with the fabulous ladies of In Her Image Photography who had taken the original shot.

After months of collaborating and conversating – THIS beauty shows up on my door! And all of it was made possible through following the threads of light (the Energetics) on Instagram! I am sooooooooo deeply grateful for this online community and everyone in the #magictribe!  Seriously my heart BURSTS thinking of all of the magic we are rippling out into the world! THANK YOU for being here!

We think it’s just social media, but there is a revolution of LIGHT being birthed on Instagram.  Now I have gone on to collaborate with many more amazing women through connections that have been made on Instagram.  We are creating a wild fire of positive change through this platform, literally #changingtheworldthroughinstagram 🙂

When you surround yourself with your tribe, it is easier to allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You can let your guard down, and share your true self – or even the self you are just beginning to explore.  And THIS is your magic.  The braver you are with sharing who you are right now, and were you are right now, the more magnetic you are.

I am so honored to be able to support Danielle and be a part of all the magic she is making in the world!  

Find her tarot cards and visit her shop here: https://starchild-tarot.myshopify.com

“The newly revised deck is imbued with magic, archetypal symbology, and fresh perspectives on how to use the Tarot throughout your day-to-day life. With additional keys to support your learning, inner-healing and intuition, each card comes with a complete write-up along with reversed meanings and more!

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