Cancer + Aquamarine – June 21 – July 23

The Cancerian energy surrounds us in the most warm and loving way and encourages experiences of the heart. She cocoons us with the watery feminine comfort that is both fluid and available yet deep and mysterious. She is mother energy. She is the multifaceted face of the Goddess. She is constantly in flux as is the moon, by which she is ruled. Cancer invites us to reach an even deeper level of compassion for self, for each other and for Earth as we journey into the watery depths of who we truly are.

Cancer asks us – How can you nurture yourself more? What does your inner child need? How can you open your heart wider? How can you cultivate your vibrational essence?

Now is the perfect opportunity to take notice of your home space – be it physical, digital or energetic and feel into where there may be areas of stagnation, lack of flow or dissonance. Trust in the oceanic wisdom of the waters of your body to guide you to understand where these areas are in your physical being and in your life.

Trust that the feminine part of you is always intuiting what is right and wholesome for your being, like a mother intuitively knows what is best for their child. It is our free will however that decides if we act on this or not. During this time, we may be offered insight into where our emotional energy may be imbalanced which may show up as being overly involved in the matters of others, moodiness, inflexibility, emotionally guarded or easily attached with loose energetic boundaries to name a few.

With the water element, emotional and feminine energy so prominent in Cancer season Aquamarine is very present and ready to support us in navigating and clearing out the stagnation and dissonance we perceive. Aquamarine is the stone of expressing true emotions, speaking divine truth and accessing the Divine Feminine within. Like a crystal-clear stream of fresh water, the vibration of Aquamarine brings a relaxed alertness, a cooling and refreshing resonance and dispels emotional numbness. This supports access higher consciousness, inner knowing and the intuitive space – getting to the heart of emotional truth and clarity.

The teaching of Aquamarine shows us that power doesn’t have to be from force. The power potential lies within us all. Sometimes that power is quiet persistence – like the flow of a stream carving through rock over thousands of years. Other times it is a deluge of water rushing down in a waterfall moving everything in its path.

This benevolent stone supports the release of attachments of the ego in the martyr or victim mentality as well as mother/child wounding, supports emotional healing from abuses held in the emotional body and improving connection communication in relationships (to self and others). It is perfect for releasing attachment to things and dissolving fear of the unknown.

Aquamarine is strongly linked to the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy. It helps to simplify the complexities of the multidimensional self for the third dimensional reality. This supports us to bring through truth by expression and action from our heart (rather than our head) into the world.

Aquamarine – Attributes / Quality / Energy

  • Latin for “water of the sea”- affinity for water within and without
  • Beryl family of stones
  • Throat and Heart chakras

How Aquamarine can support you in Cancer season

  • Aquamarine is willing to collaborate with you on matters in the emotional body that relate to releasing, clarifying and purifying. Often pain associated with emotional traumas and experiences are buried deep in the subconscious as this is where we think it is safe to keep so the heart does not suffer. The feminine loving energy in this stone has the softness of a trickle with the intensity of a rapid all at the same time. There is nothing like the feeling of fresh clean water flushing and quenching the most stagnant of places. With love and persistence, Aquamarine will help move the most stubborn of blocks.

Working with Aquamarine

  • Create a bath/footbath ceremony and place pieces of Aquamarine in the water with any other herbs or oils that call you, along with intention to dissolve any outdated beliefs, patterns or connections. Immerse yourself in the potent elixir/waters of resolution, nourishment and remembering and be open to the alchemy that follows. Trust that it is done and journal, paint, draw or sing anything that comes through from this process
  • Crystal gazing with Aquamarine – with a meditative mind gently gaze into the stone with an open heart and sacral chakra. Send deep gratitude for the stone’s collaboration with you and be open to receive any gifts and wisdom it offers your cellular structure. This may present in waves of emotional release and subsequent clarity of perception around a certain event/person/situation you have been challenged by. Trust the messages received and know that they will come when you are needing and ready to hear them.


Thank you so much for celebrating the magic power of crystal allies!  Until next month!

With love, from my sacred heart to yours,

Inside the Prism 

Lisa Kotz is an intuitive healer, Arvigo® Therapist, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse and is an experienced nurse educator and mentor. Her life’s work is devoted to supporting the health of others.

She believes the key to health starts with reconnecting with our body and emotions by learning to understand their messages and using tools and knowledge to support the body’s optimal state of being.

Lisa has a special gift of holding sacred space for others to guide multidimensional healing, learning, transformation and evolution both in her private  healing sessions with clients and her professional nursing practice.

She is passionate about embodying compassion, empathy and love whilst maintaining discernment and honouring her personal sovereignty and teaching others to do the same.

Lisa’s work on Earth during this time of shift and evolution is to support the alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to live fully and freely from our hearts.

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