Happy New Year!  2016 is going to be one amazing year.  Can you feel it? We began the year with all of the planets in our solar system moving forward for the first time in a long while!  The holidays were full of high frequency upgrades and brand new light codes we had never experienced before. I had planned to create a business retreat for myself, but found that instead I was drawn to study more spiritual, esoteric topics – and rest – lots of rest and alone time.  And now that Mercury went retrograde on the 5th + the energy of the moon slowing down as we prepare for the New Moon on Saturday, the energy feels even more reflective.  


I feel like Mercury Retrograde gets a bad wrap.  Yes, there are often challenges with technology, transportation, and communication, but more than anything I feel like I can always feel a Mercury Retrograde coming on by my increased desire to research and reflect.  How do you experience the retrograde?


Recently I have been reflecting on a HUGE insight that came to me back in November, and was immediately followed by the launch of The Awakening, so I haven’t had an opportunity to share it with you yet, and I really feel like it’s important to share.  Since Mercury is all about communication and reviewing, I am feeling called to recommit to our connection, and in 2016,I’m going to make a conscious effort to connect with you more. (And with more consistent communication the following emails won’t be quite so long.  I am always transforming and evolving so quickly that I sometimes forget to keep you in the loop!


So, are you ready for one of my famous stories?

[ Real-talk:  This is a long-ass story, so grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in for story time. ]


In September last year, we had the Bloodmoon Eclipse Full Moon in Aries (while the sun was in Libra).  If you were on my list back then, I shared about my experience – but what I didn’t tell you was what happened AFTER the eclipse…


In the weeks following that eclipse, I sank into a deep morass of confusion and doubt.  I felt uninspired, and unclear about whether or not I was making a difference. My private clients had dwindled to just a few, and the group meditation program we were running, Magical Meditations, was loosing more people than gaining.  I didn’t know what to do.


And then I got sick.  


It wasn’t anything serious, but to me it was, because I NEVER get sick!  I think the last time I was sick before this was November 2013!


I was a mess.  I didn’t want to read anything.  I didn’t want to watch anything. The only thing that brought me any kind of solace was listening to Periscope broadcasts on business and being an entrepreneur.  


As I began to feel better, I realized that I had gotten down to the lowest place I have been in a very long time, and the only thing that brought me any kind of solace was inspiring information about BUSINESS.  


I realized how deeply passionate I am about business – and have been for a long time!  

  • When I was a kid, I didn’t want to play House, or even Doctor, but my favorite game as a kid was Office.
  • When I was in Acupuncture school, my boyfriend was also in Business School, and I was always attending their lectures, workshops, and basically trying to siphon everything I could out of that program without actually attending it!
  • Part of that siphoning was the introduction of a book called Strengthsfinder 2.0 (common in the entrepreneurial sphere).  When I was in school, I actually tried to make every one in my acupuncture cohort take the Strengthsfinder test, and even made a spreadsheet so we could see who had what strengths.

These realizations swept through my being like a breath of fresh air.  I saw that it was actually the intersection of business and spirituality that fascinated me most, AND that I had the most knowledge about.  I felt like I had been sitting right next to a huge pile of gold, and I had only just now decided to take the blindfold off my eyes!


I knew that I could no longer play solely in the spiritual realms.  What good is it to be spiritual if your message doesn’t reach the right people because you aren’t focused on the business aspect?  And what good is it to be proficient at business, reaching millions of people if it has no depth, no ability to inspire people to change the world for the better?


I realized then and there that I had to stop doing the Magical Meditations program – because it only addressed the spiritual aspect of my passion.  Once that decision had been made in my heart, I felt all kinds of energy rushing back into my being! That same week, I decided to relaunch The Awakening – this time with a strategy!  I would learn to play the game, and play it MY (authentic, spiritual) way. I signed up for unlimited yoga, and found time in my schedule to go almost every single day. I bought groceries and cooked for myself, I brought home flowers, booked a massage post launch, and my meditation practice was solid.  I felt like I went through a spiritual initiation, and discovered the secrets to the conscious launch (that’s another story for another time).


The November launch of The Awakening was amazing!  I felt like I finally GOT it! As many of you know, I did a 2 week launch, ran Facebook ADs for the first time, hosted 3 free webinars that each had 20-50 people sign up each time, had 3 pricing tiers + a VIP option, grew my email list by over 150 people, and gained over 1.5k followers on Instagram!  This launch was $5000 more successful than the previous launch for the same program I ran in June of this year. I had graduated to the next level in my business, and my self care and spiritual connection was stronger than ever. All it took was realizing what was important to me, andallowing myself to do things my way.  


The momentum created by the launch continued to flow, bringing me exactly the clients I was inspired to work with – creative, spiritual entrepreneurs looking to grow their online influence in an authentic way.  I changed (yet again) the way I run my 1-on-1 sessions, releasing more and more of what I thought an energy healing session or a coaching session “should” look like. Now I feel like my work is really mine (you can read more about my Private Coaching here).  I’ve accepted my path as a teacher, and that’s what I do most of now.  I decided I would only take on 2 Private Coaching clients each month, really allowing me to focus on teaching and creating new content.  I have got some verrrrrry exciting things coming out for you this year – one of which might have something to do with Instagram!  Shhhhhhhh!  

I am so excited to share these new changes and revelations with you, and I’m super glad Mr. Mercury Retrograde has brought us this connection! If you are inspired to find out more about my Private Coaching sessions you can complete the application here.  It’s early in the month, so the 2 spots for January are still open, but I know they will fill up fast!  If you’re interested in another month, you can indicate that on the application as well.