When:  Sunday 11/16/14     1:00-3:00PM

Where:  Liner Clinic (Soul Star Medicine)   3925 Sacramento Street


Join us for an embodied aromatherapy experience! Get to know essential oils in a whole new way and BUILD YOUR OWN AROMATHERAPY BLEND TO TAKE HOME!

Part sensory experience, part practical application – in this interactive workshop we will allow the essential oils to teach us about their magic. Then use this information to build your own personal blend to use at home!

One of the most powerful experiences in the 9 years I’ve been practicing Aromatherapy was when my teacher handed me a bottle of oil with no label. She invited me to get to know the oil itself – THEN look in books to see if my experience matched the descriptions of the oils. I experienced the oil in a way I’d never done before. The oil brought up different colors, shapes, memories & associations for me. It was interactive & multidimensional, AND a deep honoring of the wealth of information that resides within my own body.

Now I would like to share that same experience with you!


In this 2 hour workshop we will:

– Learn the basics of perfumery; how to build a blend that lasts

– Get to know each oil individually by exploring where we feel energy in our bodies, any colors, shapes or memories that come up.

– Discussing our experiences as a group; activating resonant knowing within our bodies.

– BUILD YOUR OWN TAKE HOME BLEND! Choose 2-4 oils that you resonate with, and using the knowledge of perfumery, build a blend to activate different areas of your life such as:

Self Confidence, Grounding, Creative Expression, Focus & Concentration, Calming, Heart Opening, and many more!



About the host:

Hi I’m Rachael! I’m a multidimensional healer, acupuncturist & aromatherapist. I was first inspired to become a healer through working with an acupuncturist and an aromatherapist in Louisville, KY. From those early years I knew she would always combine these two modalities in my work. Since then I have also studied with Peter Holmes & Tiffany Pollard, the founders of the AromaAcuPoint technique (combining essential oils with specific acupuncture points). I love holding conversations around how we experience energy in our bodies and bringing that into an embodied experience.  For more information on my work, please visit

I am so excited to make some essential oil alchemy with you!