Behind every powerful woman stands… everyone she loves.

It’s a tribe of other powerful women AND her partner, her twin flame – ALL are Beloved.

I love the powerful feministic vibes of women supporting other women, AND I also know that I have catapulted forward in my business when I released the idea that it had to be either/or: either my business success or relationship success. Since @adam.elmaghraby has come back into my life, we have been exceptionally intentional about the sacredness of our communication and how we show up in the world for one another. And we don’t always get it right! Sometimes it is messy and painful, but we stay with it. With Adam, I have learned to keep my heart open in times when I would have slammed the door, locked and thrown away the key in the past.

Not too long ago, there was a time in my life when I got fed up with relationships, and consciously decided to turn off that part of my life and focus on my business. That was me in my unintegrated state. At that point, I thought it had to be either/or – now I know it’s a BOTH/AND.

? It IS possible.

You CAN have a successful business and a successful relationship at the same time! In fact, they actually benefit each other as opposed to detracting from each other (as we have been told).

So yes, behind every successful woman is a tribe of magical, powerful siSTARS, AND the love of her life, AND her family, AND all of her guides and angels. The picture is SO much bigger than we think! We see the face of the Beloved in everyone we meet – IF our hearts are open to receiving. The more you open your heart to love (from your man, your woman, you siSTARS and your brothers) the MORE LOVE will come to you – in the form of financial success, relationship success, career and reputation expanding, touching more people than you ever thought possible.

ALL are possible because you allowed more LOVE in. ????