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The time is now.  You are ready.

Did you feel that Saturn Neptune square that happened on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)? I most certainly did!  I’ll tell you more about what that all means in a minute, but first let me share the huge “Aha!” moment I had last night in the bathtub.  


Last night I was relaxing in the bath, thinking about The Five Minute Journal and how I love it, but I also don’t really.  It has been so helpful in keeping me on track with my goals each day, but I’ve also done other practices that I think are more helpful from the energetic perspective in really brining these goals to manifestation.  I started thinking if I could make my own journal what would it look like. I don’t know if it was because I was floating in water, but the ideas just started to FLOW in!


Suddenly I was seeing this journal as a gift I could share with all of you!  I started seeing all of the practices that I do in my daily life, and how “coincidentally” they are all related to manifesting – or “pulling the threads of the unseen world into the visible world” as I like to call it.  I started thinking of what to call such a journal… I knew it had to do with manifestation… Then I had it … it was The Manifestation Manual!


I was overwhelmed with ideas!!  I was starting to see that this was going to be so much bigger than just a journal.  There were practices I could teach, techniques I could share… There were so many ideas flooding into my brain, I was beginning to feel like I had my hands tied behind my back – because I didn’t have a pen!!


Settling back down.  I thought over carefully about all of the different things I do in my life to facilitate manifestation – exactly how I have managed to be so successful in my business… Then I had the most powerful realization of all….


I have been teaching all of these things in The Awakening!!!!  


Mind.  Blown.

It was as if I had been sitting in the dark and someone just turned on the light.  


The language I’ve been using to talk about The Awakening, has been more along the lines of awakening to the wisdom you have in your body from past lives, and strengthening your personal power, and letting your magic out…. but what The Awakening is really about is MANIFESTATION.  


Taking what you sense is possible for you in a meditation, or glimpse into the future, and actually manifesting that into this 3D physical reality.  


Now.  WHY did I have that insight pop into my head just now, after running The Awakening for the last 6 months?  Because the Sun just popped into my 12th house in my astrological chart (the 12th house governs all things that are usually hidden, and the sun is now shining light on those things in my chart now), and Neptune is in my 12th house (being triggered by the Saturn Neptune Square).  


So what about this Saturn Neptune square you say?  How does it affect you?  For starters, what have you been feeling?  The square was exact on 11/26, and will be again on 6/18/2016 and 9/10/2016 – basically it’s going to be setting the tone for a large part of 2016.


Here’s some background:  

Basically Saturn is all about 3D, matter, discipline, constriction, boundaries, and focus.  Neptune on the other hand is the ocean, the multidimensional, non-linear, ever morphing and merging sea of All That Is.  


Saturn is practical business.  Neptune is shamanic spirituality.  


“Yet if we get these two seemingly opposite planets to work with each other- then we can anchor (Saturn) our dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn). Ultimately this aspect requires that we learn how to have one foot in both realities– material and spiritual- without disconnecting from either one in ways that are detrimental to our growth, wholeness and happiness.  – Divine Harmony


AND …. Ready?…..




If you’ve joined me for one of the Energetic Hygiene classes you’ve heard me say it:  The Awakening is the way of the Shaman – learning to live simultaneously in the multidimensional, unseen world of Spirit, AND in the linear, visible world of the present moment.  Learning to become the conscious translator of spiritual energy into manifestation shows up as: spiritually aligned business success.


Sound amazing?  I thought so. As soon as I got out of the tub I ran to find a pen and diagram it all out so I could share it with you.  


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.  I know it’s my longest email to you ever, but I’m really wanting to connect with you more, so I thought I’d start today.  🙂

Oh, and by the way, The Awakening is CLOSING TOMORROW 11/30

at 8pm PST.   

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