LTK – Maren

The process of remembering is a process of living, experiencing life with greater reverence for all existence. It is multidimensional. It has affirmed the path I’ve forged and all the past experiences that led me here. I am envisioning and creating something...

LTK – Natalia Paladino

I knew that this journey would cover every aspect of my spiritual callings at this time and space. I have recently had dreams about Lemuria and I have been following Rakai’el’s content for a while now, and I truly feel that she is a Lemurian Priestess, guiding us all...

LTK – Michelle

I have stepped into holding space for others knowing I have access to my Lemurian wisdom keys. Instead of feeling like I have to choose between old reality or an impossible dream, I walk with alignment through this life supported by magic.
RE – Chrystal

RE – Chrystal

I felt a connection with Lemuria and wanted to unlock what I felt was craving to come out and be remembered. It was exciting to invest in this as there were so many layers of knowledge and remembrance my body, mind, and soul craved. Totally worth it!