RE – Jessica Valor

RE – Jessica Valor

I feel amazing about investing in this experience. Investing is a way of life for me to show up fully as my True Self and learn from Divine Teachers who inspire and educate me to Remember all I need to be of service in this lifetime and enjoy my life.

RE – Lynda Wolfshohl-Willems

My biggest shift is my cells/myself remembers the beautiful priestess and verdant heart. I am a hollow bone, a fluid vessel upon which all things are possible. I am a limitless universe. I can trust because I remember.

RE – Michelle Holt

The biggest takeaway for me has been an empowerment in knowing myself and trusting unfolding gifts that has come at such a potent time. Instead of feeling like I have to choose between old reality or an impossible dream, I walk with alignment through this life...

RE – Tamlynn

The biggest take-away from this experience has been the deeper understanding of myself. I have an enate desire to continue to remember and delve further into my growth and desire to remember.

RE – Soleil

The biggest take-away from the course has been the openness and shifts of mindset of perspective to the energies and forces that surround the everyday life. My ability to visualize has improved drastically!