a 6 month astrology immersion with Rakai’el 

Remember the language of the stars…


For all of us, 2020 is proving to be a year BEYOND anything any of us could have expected, and yet, for those who study the stars – we didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but it was very clear that BIG things were coming for all of us this year. 

This continues to be true as we make our way through the end of the year and into 2021. 

Times like these are often times when you might feel called to seek the guidance of an Astrologer you trust to see what the Astrological themes and transits that will be affecting you personally and the most intensely in the coming weeks and months – AND while that is wonderful, what if YOU could read and interpret your own chart???

Being able to fully understand your own chart (or have the necessary understanding to continue to integrate and draw insight from a professional reading, if you choose to have one) – IS PRICELESS, and a skill that just keeps getting better and better over time.

These times of transformation and change are not stopping, and it is my great which to support you in being able to read your chart as we navigate this time of collective healing and cosmic shift.

To me, it’s IMPORTANT that you are able to read your chart ASAP – not next year, not 2 years from now, not when you have more money or more time, but now. 

I want you to be able to open up the app on your phone every morning over breakfast and tune in with the current Astrological weather for the day – just like you check the weather to see if you’ll need a raincoat or an extra sweater (or your bikini!).

Learning to collaborate WITH the Astrological frequencies can provide the exact guidance you need to know how to make more money, when to launch that course/product, when to leave that relationship/job, and how to rearrange things in your life so you are working smarter not harder, and can spend more time with your family or traveling!

  • Do you ever have days where you are like WTFFFF is this energy today?!?
  • Do you want to be able to plan your next launch/course/album release/event when the stars are in positive energy flow?  >>>  Boss Babes know what’s up!
  • Do you feel like every time a new/full moon rolls around everyone knows about it but you?
  • Do you want to have a better understanding of how the planets influence your life?
  • Do you want to know when you have the opportunity to go for it and make money vs when to lay low?
  • Have you ever found yourself in the throws of MAJOR life transitions wishing you had some insight as to what the Universe was trying to tell you?
  • Do you want to know if you and your new love interest have long term compatibility, or what lessons you have to learn together?  What about that new potential business partner or new hire?
  • Are you finally ready to navigate Eclipse Season informed & prepared this year?  

Astrology doesn’t have to be complicated.

It’s simply a language that we’ve forgotten how to speak.

We are all astrologers.

The sounds and symbols of the stars are encoded within our bones, resonating as a luminous language of light. The planetary archetypes pluck the cords of consciousness, woven through the myths and stories that are the undercurrent of our waking life.

It’s just that we’ve forgotten.  The language has remained unspoken, whispered only by those who’ve studied with masters, down a long lineage of astrologers, but it is rising within us once more, ready to be remembered.  

Astrological information is everywhere these days.

Not a full moon goes by without my Instagram feed filling with planetary reports – and while its wonderful to look to experts to interpret the “other language” of astrology – it doesn’t have to be this way.

I believe we are all able to interpret the different planetary influences in our lives, and that your relationship with the language of light and of the stars does not have to be compartmentalized only for the full and new moons.

Everyday the planets move and shift in the heavens above us AND resonate within the very cells of your body.

EARTH        ||        FIRE        ||        AIR        ||        WATER

Learn HOW to read your own chart + your partner/friends/family’s charts.
Know when the time is ripe for action, and when to wait for a better time.
Collaborate with the Cosmic Energies like the loving guides & allies that they are.

Hi there!

If you don’t know me, I’m Rakai’el and I’ve been obsessed with the stars for as long as I can remember.

Back when I was 17 years old and living in Kentucky, I wandered into my parent’s closet and found a book on Astrology.  I promptly got to work, using the charts in the back of the book and started drawing up charts for myself and my friends.  Looking back, I don’t even know how I knew how to do that!!

Years went by and I put down Astrology to study other things, but in 2013 I was in a bookstore and knew there was a book that would change my life there on the shelf.  When I finally found the book that was clearly meant for me, I was astonished to find that it was a book on Astrology.  I was like, “Really??  This again??” But the signs were unmistakable.

Since then, I’ve been studying with some incredibly brilliant teachers, working with clients, learning the Cosmic influences and FEELING how they show up in our modern lives as archetypal energies, and I still get an astrology reading from my teacher every 3-6 months.  Through this I have learned how to resource them as collaborators and allies, and this is what I want for you.

In this course, I’m sharing everything I know about living in dynamic, devotional communion with the Cosmos.

Most Astrologers or Astrological information you find on the Internet will tell you what the current Cosmic energies are, but they won’t tell you HOW to locate these planetary influences in your own chart.

In my life, Astrology is SUCH a guiding light – it influences my every day.  

I want YOU to be empowered and EDUCATED, so that you can READ & interpret your own chart and the current Astrological weather.

I want you to KNOW how to work with the planetary energies, to collaborate with them as friends and allies.

It’s the difference between knowing a Saturn transit is coming up and getting to work ahead of time, OR being unaware and getting slammed in the face by the energies.

It’s time to get informed.  Stop looking to others to tell you what is written in the stars.  It’s time to empower yourself. 

In my sphere of existence, I tune in with astrological information at least 5 times per day, and that’s not because I’m an astrologer.

It’s because I have established a living relationship with the archetypal and planetary energies.

I feel myself lightning fast in my thinking, speaking faster, skimming information at high speeds, and I know there’s an activation with Mercury somewhere in my chart, so I honor this energy by taking time to do research or call a friend for a good session of intellectual banter.

Other days I’ll notice that I’m feeling kinda spendy and craving luxurious experiences, a quick tune in with my chart shows a Venus transit taking place. Now that I’m aware of the influence I have a choice: do I actually want to make that big purchase, or would some fresh flowers and getting all dressed up feed my Venus in a more sustainable way?

When we’re unaware of the planetary influences they can become unconscious motivations in our lives – and the results can sometimes leave more of a mess than we’d care to clean up.

Lashing out at a loved one can end up being a learning experience, but perhaps the Pluto transit that triggered the argument could have been better served by a powerful Sound Healing Gong Bath/Holotropic Breathwork/or a visit to a depth psychologist.  There are many ways to address and honor the archetypal energies. 

All of these are simply examples of what it can look like to live in harmony with the rest of our Solar System.  

I don’t call myself an Astrologer, because I feel like this knowledge is natural and innate for all of us, and it’s time we REMEMBERED the language of the stars.  

I want you to feel EMPOWERED by the Astrological energies…. 

You deserve to know. 



Our Journey Through the Stars

6 MONTHS         ||        12 MODULES

  • Where does the chart come from?
  • Layout of the chart
  • Layers of the psyche
  • Pluto + Power
  • Neptune + Spirituality
  • Uranus + Innovation
  • Saturn + Discipline, Devotion
  • Jupiter + Abundance
MODULE 3: Inner Planets
  • Mars + Motivation
  • Venus + Love, Beauty
  • Mercury + the Mind
  • Moon + Lineage
MODULE 4: signs
  • Energy of the 12 signs + the 13th sign
  • Archetypal energies & how they can manifest
  • Signs through the chart
MODULE 5: Houses
  • What each of the houses mean
  • Planets through the houses
  • Practical guidance for working with cosmic energies daily
MODULE 6: Past lives + PUrpose
  • From Karma to Dharma
  • How to harness Past Life gifts
  • Remember your Purpose
  • Clues in your chart
MODULE 7: Asteroids
  • Exploring the Goddess Lineages in the chart
  • Star Family: Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, etc.
MODULE 8: soul Purpose
  • Obsession + Determination

  • Natural Luck in the chart
  •  Long term Success $$$

  • Spiritual support allies
MODULE 9: challenges
  • Sacred Geometry: Lessons
  • Conjunctions
  • Oppositions
  • Squares
MODULE 10: blessings
  • Sacred Geometry: Gifts
  • Trines
  • Sextiles
  • Kites, Star of David, etc
MODULE 11: Daily Astro weather
  • Daily Cosmic initiations & invitations 
  • How to speak to the collective energies for marketing, etc. 
MODULE 12: Planetary rites of passage
  • 20s: WTF is my life?
  • 30s: Abundance Activation
  • 40s: Midlife Crisis
  • 50s: Spiritual Initiation
BOnus Content

Additional informations on Eclipses + other fun/relavent things we encounter along our journey. 

What people are saying…

I’ve always been interested in the language of the stars, plus I love learning with Rakai’el so there was never a doubt in my mind that this would be an amazing offering!  There are so many amazing topics in this course; from asteroid goddesses, daily astro weather, and fine-tuning the basics of planets, houses, and signs – and I so enjoyed our gatherings with our LIVE group in the Q&A sessions!  

After taking this course, I now utilize astrology to converse about the daily, weekly, and monthly happenings as it relates to Western astrology in my online work.  I check my own chart fairly consistently to understand the energy of what’s to come on a month to month basis.  I truly feel so much more confident in reading charts, and understanding the energetic subtleties of daily transits.  I know that I can now serve my community in greater ways, as I have a clearer understanding of this important subject!

Brooke Rosenblum

North Miami Beach, FL, Holistic Practitioner, Crystal & Essential Oil Merchant, Oracle, Sound Alchemist, and Energy Healer, Founder of May the Quartz Be with You

I have taken Remembering Lemuria and loved Rakai’el’s teaching style, so when I saw the announcement for Astro Empowerment, there was no hesitation from me – I was so excited to jump into another one of her courses!

My biggest takeaway from taking this course is that I now use astrology daily, I am always looking at my chart for guidance and keys. I have gained more appreciation and knowledge of the unique complexities of myself and my experiences, as well as for others. Looking at your birth chart can really provide you with a feel for the magic that is there; It can create clarity and confirmation to things that you may have felt, or have known, but never quite understood until reading your chart. In diving into your birth chart, whether known or unknown, you open yourself up to endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.

Astrology isn’t something to just learn; it is a remembering of a language we all know and have access to but have forgotten. It is a map to help guide us home to our true selves and to live that. I will be a student of astrology always, as it is so layered and deep I will never know it all. This course helps create a good foundation to build upon, and a strong grasp of the language. This allows the student to feel confident enough to then go and explore more deeply in other realms of astrology. Thank you for being you and creating the amazing things you do!

Melissa Kaye

I love the stars, I’ve been learning about them in one way or another for years.  I was so excited to take an astrology course with Rakai’el, I love that her teaching style is one of embodiment.  The content is amazing, and I loved the LIVE group Q&A sessions.  I wasn’t able to make it all the way through the course the first time as so much was going on for me at that time.  I’m so grateful that I have forever access to the material, and that I’m able to ‘walk again’ with the current class!  After watching the first few modules, I’m now able to connect with all of the planets and asteroids in new ways that feels really unique to me.  It’s like I made friends with all of these different astral bodies – I love them and we’re family now!

Liana Russo

Celestial Shaman, @liana.starspirit,

I signed up for Astro Empowerment because I felt a strong pull to learn more about and gain a deeper understanding of the cosmos, the planets, the moon, and their affect on me and others.  I have studied lots of metaphysical subjects, but I felt totally incomplete not having any authentic knowledge of astrology! It was like I would never truly understand some pieces of myself or how the universe works until I began to learn astrology.  

The quality of information was great, and I appreciated the suggested resources for further learning! I like the way Rakai’el explained the material clearly and used examples, and how she took time with each person’s question, even if they were not able to be present live at the Q&A.  It was so inspiring to see the way Rakai’el dressed up and did a ‘look’ for each of the videos! : ) I felt her expression really deepened the cosmic material!   

Since taking the course, the biggest shift I have had is that I experience the world and my place in it as being more connected!  Learning astrology has made the world bigger and deeper. It is as if the archetypal visions or energies I had encountered in literature and art and myth and relationships came alive.  Learning about my natal chart and planetary influences felt spot on in understanding my personality and purpose. My main insight I came away with was feeling how special each individual is: We come into this world at the precise cosmic and planetary moment that can help us fulfill our soul destiny!

Geri Wurth

growyourcalm/, Kansas City, MO

When I saw that Astro Empowerment was being offered, my intuition told me that learning more about astrology would allow me to learn more about myself.  I can’t remember a time when I’ve had so much fun learning! The material is superb; especially the basics of signs, planets, and houses. The transits class was my favorite.  They were an eye opener on life lessons, gave me a push to have more integrity and discipline within myself, and I really love how structured it was. Since taking the course I’ve taken a deeper dive into myself, I’m studying and reading daily, and I’ve even started giving chart readings to others – which I have found to be the best way to learn and see how what I perceive intuitively shows up for the person in reality. I am more compassionate with myself, and I understand what gifts and talents I brought into this life.  This all helps me to be more confident in myself, and unapologetic to be ‘selfish’ and apply what helps me to stay happy and healthy – I’ve found it all in my chart!



After the astrology lessons in Remembering Lemuria, I was excited to dive deeper and gain a more in-depth exploration of this ancient language. The Lemurian School student discount was a nice incentive too!  As with many of Rakai’el’s courses, they synchronistically appear in my life in the most poetic Divine timing. 🙂 I was surprised to see that my first Saturn return is beginning in 2020! In six months I gained so much wisdom about Saturn which has been extremely beneficial in my preparation for this rite of passage. Adopting Rakai’el’s method of establishing a mentorship with the planets as potential collaborators has helped me have so much more fluidity in life (especially with Saturn). With 2020 approaching, I am building foundations in my life so that success can be reached through devotion and discipline, rather than constriction and pressure.

One of my favorite topics in this course was listening to Rakai’el’s descriptions of the inner planets, especially Mercury. In my early childhood, I was diagnosed with ADD and needed extended time for my exams throughout all of my schooling. When I listened to her description of people who have Mercury in Taurus in their charts (like myself) it was such an epiphany! I realized that in order for me to fully process information, I need all of my senses to ground into the Earth as much as possible. This was the missing link that I never knew I needed. I felt so empowered by this realization!

When I signed up for Astro Empowerment, I went from not understanding how to read my natal chart to practically having it memorized now. In the past, there was static and Rakai’el’s course reminded me how to tune into my heart and listen to these frequencies (which have always existed) loud and clear. The inner planets have taught me how to embody inner radiance, compassion, connection, creativity, and action. The outer planets continue to teach me how to lean into alignment with expansion, structure, authenticity, imagination, and transformation. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in self-discovery. It surpasses any personality assessment/test and awakened an ancient melody between myself and the planets that is truly heard from within. Thank you! 🙂

Mallory MacTaggart


What is included

  • A 6-month online Astrology Immersion with Rakai’el, from January-June 2021.
  • 12 modules released twice per month, beginning January 5th + Bonus content! 
  • Get instant access to Module 1!
  • Each module contains 1-13 videos that are between 30-60 minutes.
  • Total amount of material: 37 videos, with over 23 hours of content.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS + UNLIMITED REPLAYS for all 12 modules (including all video & audio content) + any additional updates that are made to the course over time.  All video content is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and re-watch whenever you like. 
  • Downloadable audio tracks to each video so you can listen on the go wherever you are.
  • Recently Added Bonus!  10 Planetary Meditations.
  • Six 90 minute LIVE video Q&A calls with Rakai’el (offered once per month).  Get personal chart analysis on the calls to answer any questions you have as you integrate the material and learn how to apply it in your life.  All LIVE calls will be recorded.  Get unlimited replays of all video calls forever.
  • A private group space (not on Facebook) to learn and grow together.
    • Some features of the private group: A mobile app and web interface, clear organization, secure and confidential communication.
    • Here you will receive support from Rakai’el, and the other students to answer questions and support you in your process. 


Pay in Full Bonus:
Professionally Printed Birth Chart

By Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council

When you sign up for Astro Empowerment and choose the Pay in Full option, you will receive a beautiful professionally printed birth chart! 

A natal chart is a symbolic representation of the cosmos at the exact moment when you were born. Diving into one’s own natal chart unlocks doors that have been begging to be opened within one’s psyche.

Each natal chart print is crafted made to order and she places each planet and each point by ‘hand’. Included with the chart is a 2 page write up which gives a paragraph of each planet and where it is placed in your chart. You also receive a Symbols Key which identifies each planetary, zodiacal and aspect symbol in the chart along with a simple explanation of each house. It is a cheat sheet of sorts to help you on your own astrological studies and journey inward. 

Evelyn Von Zuel is an intuitive astrologer based out of the Mojave Desert in Southern California.  Her fascination with spirituality and Astrology transcended hobby and entered the void of no return in 2012 when she began her personal healing journey. Evelyn is a Libra Sun in the 12th house which grants her the gifts of objective insight into the nature of human spirit, her Scorpio Rising paves the way for focused vision and Taurus Moon allows her to be a grounding energy for those who seek it. As the sacred feminine makes her return Evelyn is devoted to reconnecting the collective to her as much as possible in this lifetime. Her Astrological work can be found at Astrom Council.

As above, so below.

I have always been interested and curious in Astrology but had put it in the “too hard” basket.  When I saw it was Rakai’el teaching it, I was a HELL YES! I’m also an alumni of Remembering and Rising Lemuria, so the student discount and the option to pay over time put me even more over the edge to sign up right away!  I LOVED the teachings on all of the Asteroids, I listened to that module twice! I enjoyed learning about the myths, and I could really see how having an understanding (& building a relationship) with each, particularly understanding it’s placement in my chart, could really enhance my life. I particularly felt a theme of feminine empowerment through these myths and am excited to see how this might filter through my work. 

Since taking the course, I feel like I can quite confidently speak about certain pieces and parts of an Astrology Chart. I also now find it easier & more exciting to read other people’s interpretations. My biggest take away from Astro Empowerment is the knowing that I’m learning a new language, it’s ok to start slowly, I don’t need to know it all now, and I can allow it to (as Rakai’el describes) wash over me. I will continue to explore and integrate all of this information, and I appreciate that I can return to these teachings anytime that I wish.

Joanne Gillard

Love Coach, New South Wales, Australia

I had always been curious to know how to read astro charts, and when I saw Rakai’el’s Astro Empowerment offering I FELT it in my guts that a very deep part of me wanted to take this specific course.  I decided to go with it; I didn’t know at that time WHY I was saying YES, I took a leap of faith based on intuition and serendipity, and have not looked back. I’m super excited that I can go at my own pace, and that I’m able to watch the content over and over whenever I want.  It’s like watching your favorite movie – you notice so much more art present the more you watch! I feel really supported in this journey: There’s a community to turn to for support and insights if needed, and I am in love with the TEAM behind the scenes! I’ve had such beautiful support from you ladies, and all of this has made me feel so safe, like cuddled in a blanked up on a cozy sofa and seeing the stars in the distance. 

Through reading and getting intimate with my own birth chart, I’ve remembered that it was me who chose the exact placements that make up who I am in this life, and I would not have wanted it to be any other way.  I feel more at home with who I am, I’ve experienced wondrous love for myself in a multitude of small and obvious ways, and realized that it was me who held the keys all this time. This experience has really set the stage for growth in my life and business.  Since taking this course, I have been very aware of the impact of my choices to my experience of reality, and it has really been nothing but EMPOWERING. I’ve updated my tech-habits (both intake and output), started paying more loving attention to my nutrition and physical development and health, and decided (remembered!) that I came here to live my dream life and nothing less.

The most important take-away for me has been and continues to be the EMPOWERMENT that has revealed itself in multiple layers with the help of this course.  I’m now deeply aware of the fact that I am the most important person in my life, and I’m the one who decides things about me, myself and I. I’ve learned to drop the apologies for being myself, and to notice and acknowledge that I am the maker of my own Destiny.  I am really at home with how Rakai’el teaches, and I loved hearing her talk about what she’s witnessed to be true in her experience. Thank you for the inspiration, I am grateful for the chance to witness such wonderful customer experience. Blessed be!

Alise Romeiko, Riga, Latvia

I decided to sign up for Astro Empowerment to learn more about myself and invest in my spiritual growth.  I appreciate that you reveal your true self on Instagram – unmade bed, insecurities, etc., it makes you seem real and let us know that we don’t have to be perfect.  I come from a Chinese culture where children are seen but not heard. Shame was a big part of the system and rules were important to follow. I learned that I didn’t have a voice. I couldn’t express myself, who I REALLY was. This course gave me the solid foundation to step out into the world and express my authentic self. I discovered who I am. I now see myself as being an inspirational part of this world, where my authority comes from inside of me rather than from society’s rules.  The biggest take-away from this experience was that I have a voice and I have the right to be who I am. I learned that I matter and I have a place in this world.

Julie Ong

Author & Spiritual Life Coach, San Francisco, CA

Here’s the deal… 

This is important!  In my experience, it is so important to have the time and space to really walk with and learn from the planetary archetypes.  They have so much to teach us, and it is really through the contemplative, lived experience of them that it really begins to sink in.  That’s why I made this course 6 months long.  

REAL TALK: The amount of content offered in this course is INSANE!  This is going to be something you will return to year after year as you continue to learn and grow with the planets. 

Being able to navigate and collaborate with the astrological energies is SO EMPOWERING!  This doesn’t mean you have to start doing readings or posting about the cosmic energies every moon phase.  For me, it’s much more subtle.  I tune into the astro frequencies every morning and use them to plan my day, write my IG posts, and make big decisions.

AND… (VERY IMPORTANT): I don’t let them paralyze me. 

For example, Neptune energy can be very challenging to work with.  There can be confusion, deception, illusions… but I don’t let that stop me from taking inspired actions that come from my heart. I just make sure that I’m coming from a place that’s Divinely guided, that feels good, and that my work has plenty of art, music, and flow woven into it – kind of like this course! (I also especially love the images of nebulas).

The point is to COLLABORATE with the planetary energies – not to let them rule your life.

YOU have free choice in all of this.  The different astrological frequencies that arise each day simply offer you opportunities for more INTENTION and artistry in your life. 

This is why I am so crazy-passionate in helping you to open these star lines of communication for yourself once again. 

So my loves…

Are you Ready???




Let’s do this!

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Refund Policy:  I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself, and take your intention to participate very seriously.   If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund up to 1 week from the exact date and time when module 1 content has been released.  After the 1-week period, no refunds are offered.  If you are not certain if this course is for you, please email us HERE with any questions you may have.   



I am so inspired by the work of Astrologer Dossé-Via (also known as @scorpiomystique). She has Instagram accounts for the daily horoscopes for every sign, and created the Know the Zodiac App). She has also created the travel agency Magic and Melanin, where they organize beautiful subsidized trips for people of African descent to reconnect with their Homeland.

$111 of every enrollment from Astro Empowerment will be donated to the Magic and Melanin Homegoing Fund.  I encourage you to check out their website. The experiences they offer are so empowering. Thank you Dossé-Via for all of the ways you bring healing to so many.

Magic and Melanin reconnects humans of the African diaspora to their homeland

We believe every human of the African diaspora should be able to return to the Motherland and rediscover their roots and heritage — that’s why we began the Homegoing Fund.

Investing in this fund liberates human consciousness from a painful past of oppression and trauma. Together, we can heal and reconnect the African diaspora.


Q:  When does the course start?

A:  The first module drops on Tuesday, 1/5/21.

Q:  When does enrollment close?

A:  Enrollment closed at 6pm Pacific on 1/11/21.

Q:  Is this an online course or in-person?

A:  This course is held entirely online!  You can join from anywhere in the world!

Q:  Do you offer scholarships?

A:  In full acknowledgment of the economic differences that systemic racism, white supremacy, and colonialism have created across generations, we have a few scholarships available to support our BIPOC community: we have 10 scholarships available for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color for 50% off the course. Please send us an email here if you are interested.

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes! I love payment plans!  See above for details & choose the plan that works best for you!

Q:  How does the monthly payment plan work?  Will the charge show on my statement each month, one month exactly from when I first paid?

A:  Yes, that is correct.  If you choose the 9-month payment plan, you will see the charge once per month, for nine months, on the date you first paid.  For example, if you sign up and pay for your first payment on the 20th, the remaining eight installments will all pull on the 20th of the following eight months.

Q:  What if I decide I don’t want to take this course after I sign up?  What is your refund policy?

A:  Remember there are no “bad or wrong” decisions.  You can’t mess it up 😉  Sometimes when we choose to make an investment in ourselves – especially if it might bring more awareness into our lives, illuminating ways in which we’ve been holding ourselves back under the guise of playing safe – we can start to doubt our decisions and want to run away.  (Sound familiar?).  I totally know bc I’ve been there so many times.  This is why I wrote the refund policy directly on the sales page under the sign-up button.  Empowerment can be extremely threatening to the parts of ourselves that want to stay small.   The vision I hold for you is one where you trust yourself completely, knowing that whatever comes up, you are strong enough, compassionate enough, and smart enough to handle it – especially the more you begin to work with the planetary energies as loving guides and allies.  Place your hand upon your heart and feel how safe and held you are by your higher self.  You’ve got this!!  AND here is the official Refund Policy from above:  I want you to be intentional in everything you do.  Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath before you complete your payment.  Dive in, watch Module 1, and if you don’t feel like this is for you, you have until 1/12/21; 1-week from the exact date and time when module 1 content has been released, to request a refund.  I honor this commitment you are making to yourself and take your intention to participate very seriously.   If you are not certain if this course is for you, please email us HERE with any questions you may have.  

Q:  I can’t make the live Q&A sessions, will they be recorded?

A:  YES.  You get unlimited replays to all Q&A sessions forever!

Q:  I don’t understand Astrology AT ALL, can I still take the course?

A:  100% YES! This course will be the best thing that ever happened to you!  I am so excited for you to learn how to collaborate with the cosmic energies!!

Q: Do I need to purchase any software for Astro Empowerment?

A: No, you’re not required to purchase any software for the course. You can use the free website to get your charts and look at the transits.

If you want to, I do recommend getting an app for your phone so it’s much easier to look at charts anytime you want. For iPhone I recommend iPhemeris, which is currently $18.99 USD.  For Android, I recommend AstroGold, which is currently $39.99 USD. They both offer desktop versions as well, but I find that the mobile apps are more than enough.

Q:  I understand the basics of Astrology, and now I’m looking for a better way to connect with the energies so I can understand things more intuitively –  instead of feeling like I have to look everything up all the time.  Would this course be for me?

A:  YES!!! This is 100% my goal, and intention in this course – not only share foundational information around astrology, but to also help people have an intuitive, lived, felt experience and embodied relationship with the planetary frequencies where they are able to recognize the planetary archetypes in themselves, in other people, and in their environment.  This is the reason I’ve made Astro Empowerment a six-month course;  So that people can immerse themselves in the archetypical and symbolic language of the stars that are speaking to and dancing with us every single day.  Through this course, I want to get everyone to a place where they can sense and feel the planetary frequencies – and then confirm what they have been feeling and experiencing by looking at their chart.

Q:  Is the course focused on past life astrology or a general astrology and each person finds their own path?

A:  Excellent question! The Astro Empowerment course is focused on general Astrology.  Of course we will talk about past life clues in the chart, because I love talking about past lives! We will also talk about how to find out your personal connection to the specific star families, and where they are supporting you in this life, along with so many other esoteric aspects of astrology because that is just who I am 😉 . My main intention and end goal with the course is to empower you with the wisdom of the stars so that →→ you can remember how to read and interpret your own chart, and the charts of others.

★  I want you to be informed, so that you don’t just drink down all of the information you hear on the Internet, without knowing how to filter it, taking only what is relevant to you based on how it is influencing you personally (which you will know, because you will know how to read your own chart!)

Q:  I think we covered some of this content in Remembering/Rising Lemuria… will this course still benefit me?

A:  Yes love!!  So glad you are excited about empowering yourself by diving deeper into remembering your connection to the stars!  This immersive experience is a much more in-depth adventure and will give you much more time to integrate the cosmic frequencies, increasing your ability to work with the Astrological influences.  PS: Check your email for a little prezzie from me 😉

Q:  Will this course be offered again?

A: Astro Empowerment is offered twice a year, usually enrollment is open in June and December. The price of the course is not listed while enrollment is closed because the price is subject to change.  We all learn and evolve along the way.

Q:  What astrology software do you personally use?

A:  I love the stars and tech! I use iPhemeris on my phone and Astro Gold on my laptop.

Q:  What house system do you personally use & teach in the course?

A:  I use the Placidus house system.  Throughout the astrological community, Placidus is the most widely used.  Using this style will provide you with a greater understanding of the astrology that you are seeing out in the world, and will make sense of things the quickest.

Q: I don’t know the exact time of my birth and I have no way of finding out. Will this affect my ability to do this course?

A: If you don’t know your exact time of birth, that will not affect your ability to do this course. In the first module, Rakai’el covers the Rising Sign/Ascendant and the mechanics of how it works, so that you will be able to recognise it when it manifests. Then once she goes through the module about all of the different signs, you will be able to recognise and feel their different archetypal energies in your life. When we put these two things together (the mechanics of the Rising Sign and how it presents + the characteristics and attributes of the different sign themselves), combined with your own self observation of your patterns and habits, it is possible for you to recognise and identify which sign is mot likely your Rising Sign. Although you might not be able to get the exact minute of your birth, at least you can get really close to identifying your Rising Sign and that will then designate where the rest of the houses fall for your personal chart.

Alternatively, and a much easier method that a lof of astrologers use, is to consider your birth time as midday (12 pm) for your Rising Sign. Rakai’el has also shared more information about it on her Insta TV, click here and here to watch the videos where she explores this theme.

Q:  Who did you study astrology with?

A:  When I was 17 I found an astrology book in the back of my parents’ closet and I taught myself (past life remembered) how to do charts. Since then I have done a year mentorship with Erica Sandstedt who is an incredible Shaman, Sound Healer & also an Astrologer, I worked alongside an Astrologer in my business for two years, and most recently have been mentoring with an Astrology teacher (who is also a mathematician and chemical engineer, which brings an insane level of understanding to the craft) for the last year and a half.

Q:  I would love to offer Astro readings for people at the end of this… will this course allow me to do that, and what could I roughly charge for those readings?

A: Deciding to offer readings is a very personal choice. In my opinion, is best to do this when you feel confident enough, and the astrological information vibrates within you as a living prayer.

In my personal journey, I began studying astrology when I was 17, and that continued on and off for about 3 years. At 33 I picked it up again and have done loads of self-study in addition to mentoring with three very powerful teachers. Five years later I felt confident enough to start doing my own readings.

I don’t know if you will feel confident enough to do your own readings after six months. It is 100% fully possible if you really commit yourself I think. But I cannot say how you’ll feel six months from now. Every person‘s path of integration is different.

It is my intention to share everything I know about reading charts: your personal chart, and the influencing astrological weather so that you can understand the things that of happened to you in the past more fully, and be prepared for the planetary initiations that are happening and will present themselves in the future. There is so much material to cover, and the six months is actually a relatively short time for something like this, especially as much depth as we’re going into. That’s why I made all of the audios for the videos downloadable so that you can listen and re-listen and re-listen again, learning and integrating more each time.

It’s really offered more as a system of personal discovery that can amplify and enhance your current offerings, and even simply the way you interact with the world on a day-to-day basis, rather than a course that teaches you how to do readings for others. When we understand the influence of planetary energies in our own lives and our collective reality, and cultivate the ability to speak to this through our offerings, this alignment will be felt by all and people resonate more with you and what you are sharing because they sense this alignment.

If, through your own research and integration process and the studying of your own chart and those of friends and family, you feel confident in your abilities to offer readings for others, then that’s amazing and I fully support that!

And as for what to charge, that’s not something that I could advise anybody about. In my opinion, how we value our time through financial exchange should not be influenced by anybody other than yourself. There are many Astrologer’s who charge $60 for readings and feel very good about that, and there are others who charge $1000 for a reading and feel really good about that. It’s a very personal decision for everyone.

Have a question that I didn’t answer here?  Send us an email and we’ll answer your questions asap!