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The sessions I offer are not restricted to Astrology only. When we sit together, you have full access to all of my resources.  If we want to swim in the stars we can. If you’d appreciate business advice from me, I’m happy to share.  If you’d like me to take a look at your Instagram and offer feedback, we can do that too.

In these sessions, it’s me and you and whatever would be most empowering for us to work on together.  Oftentimes, I’ll still ask for your birth information, because that helps me understand you, and any blocks/initiations you might be experiencing, better.

Any time I have the opportunity to sit with you and share sacred space, my main goal is to provide you with a cosmic mirror so that you can see the full picture of the different planetary & archetypal influences so that you can learn how to resource these initiations and rites of passage and to empower you with fun and creative ways to collaborate with these cosmic energies.

My clients walk away from our sessions breathing a huge exhale, feeling seen and celebrated in ways they never knew they needed.

They get to hear and share things that have, until now, felt “too far out there” and I love holding space for their inner exploration, as we swim in the stars together.


When you can feel the fabric of the planetary energies you are working with, you can begin to collaborate with the cosmic frequencies in a whole new way.

The archetypal vibrations of the planets come to us as teachers and allies along our path.  If you resist their teachings and initiations, it can feel like you are getting pulled through life by your hair.  When we learn to courageously step forward to meet them, and dance with them, life is a whole lot easier.

Not that there aren’t challenges by any means, it’s just that you know they are coming and rise to meet them with a sense of playfulness and preparedness.

Astro-coaching sessions have very quickly evolved into my favorite way of working one-on-one.  We get to drop in, swim in the stars together, and emerge empowered and inspired.



After my session, I felt validated. It was the first time anyone acknowledged my innate skills. I realized that I have within myself (my chart) the natural talents and ability to create a rewarding and fulfilling life. 

I now have a clearer sense of my life purpose based on my personality traits. Although I had made certain choices in the past that created blockages in my growth, Rakai’el guided me to new decisions so that I could experience success using natural talents and skills that appeared in my chart. I was able to release limiting beliefs about myself and accept the secret I had been keeping from myself, which was my own competency. I realized that I held the strength I had been searching for within myself (my chart) to create a fulfilling life. It was a truly life changing Astro Session.

Julie S. Ong

Author & Spiritual Life Coach, San Francisco, CA

Rakai’el applies the spiritual aspect and meaning of your chart. So you get to have a different approach to it, a wider I would say. The biggest insight was really seeing my story what has been written in the stars and that is to uncover, transform and live in my life!! And Rakai’el was explaining it in a very digestible way!!

Naia Joy Petra

Since our session, layers of clarity and awareness connecting to my personal expansion have been unfolding slowly as I integrate them.  My sesision with Rakai’el opened my awareness to astrological influences in my life and how they create the shifts in my daily life.

I am expanding my understanding of my purpose in this life, and how I am in the world.  I now understand where I am heading, as well as how I might move forward in my life more directly. The biggest take-away from my session was recognising insights coming through when things around me seem to be out of balance or I am overactive or extra sensitive. 


Alice Springs, AU

Rakai’el’s approach feels magical, integrative and deeply grounded in wisdom, alchemy & ceremony. Her session is completely devoted to both illuminating & unearthing your inherent gifts and soul stories that are waiting to be remembered. After our session, I have noticed much greater clarity on who I am here to work with, and how. With that clarity, comes confidence and poise, and knowing that when I share my voice in a way that feels correct for me, my contribution is deeply connected to the universal grace & creativity of Source.

In her sessions, Rakai’el shares her vast cosmic knowledge & insights in a way that feels practical, grounded & enveloped in a sparkling shimmer of radiance!

Lucy Anne Chard

Soul Story & Divine Purpose Coach

Year ahead Planning Session

In this 2 hours Astro-Coaching Deep Dive we will look at the year ahead and see how you can best collaborate with the opportunities and challenges in the coming months.  (Can be booked at any time of year).

Sessions are 2 hours  |   $555

Now booking 3-4 weeks out

*All of the same requirements and details for regular sessions also apply to Year Ahead Sessions.


Astrology / Coaching sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing.  If we are focusing on Astrology, we will be able to look at your chart and any transits together on video.  The video session will be recorded so you can watch the replay as often as you like!

You will also receive a copy of all of the charts we look at (Birth Chart, Transits, Relationships, etc).

Sessions are 60 min  |   $333
Now booking 3-4 weeks out

 PLEASE NOTE:  Rakai’el only offers Astro-coaching sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 2pm-7pm Pacific Time. 

Please be sure that you can make this work for you by confirming your timezone here

Please note that the session is best viewed on a computer.  There are many small details that you will be going over which will not show up on a small device such as a phone.  You may attend with any device that you have, however, if you would like a recording of your Astro-Coaching session, you will need to attend the session from a computer versus a phone or a tablet.

Prices do not include mandatory Hawaii tax

I picked up my parent’s plastic Star Wheel when I was about 10 and took it outside to lay on the trampoline at night and compare it to the stars above.

At 14 I received the name Starfish in a Native American Naming Ceremony, because I was a really good swimmer and always talking about the stars.

When I was 17, I discovered “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” in my dad’s closet, and promptly learned how to draw charts for me and my friends.

Since 2013 I’ve gotten really serious about studying Astrology, and started doing professional readings in 2017.  Admittedly, I’m still fresh (forever a student), but the wisdom lives in my bones and seems to sing right through me in every session.  Part Astrology, part Coaching, part Channelling, it is always the exact recipe for illumination and empowerment.

Whenever we sit together I am happy to share all that I have to offer: Astrology, Business Advice, Instagram recommendations, Community Building strategies – I like to have all of my tools available and accessible to be able to have the freedom to support you in the best way I know how.

I believe that we all come into this Earthly experience with specific gifts to share to support one another. There is so much that can be seen in your Astrological birth chart, that can also provide insight into how you can best promote yourself to share your gifts!

My favorite areas of focus are around past lives, star families, and soul purpose.  I love to see how our charts show us the exact tools, gifts, and energies we’ve packed into our suitcases for our journey into this lifetime, and how these frequencies are precisely what we need to activate in order to fulfill our current mission on Earth.

It would be an honor to swim in these ancient waters with you once more.

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