Astro Insights: Week of February 17th, 2021

There’s a tension in the air today, can you feel it?

Today the planets Uranus and Saturn come into an exact square. We’ve been feeling the build up of this challenging combination for a while now.  Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in the sign of Taurus. 

To add to the mix, Mercury is in the final degree of his retrograde – which means that he’s basically slowing waayyyyyyy down from now until the Feb 25th. Yes, he will turn direct on the 21st, but from now until the 25th, he’s having a very deep conversation in the 11th degree of Aquarius. 

When you check your birth chart, look for any planets from 8-14 degrees in the signs of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and check the house to confirm what area of your life this might be influencing you – although you probably can already feel it. 

I’ve been delaying sending you this email bc I’ve literally been listening to videos and pouring through my books, while looking at different timelines in my own birth chart to try to get a feel for this situation – it’s so multifaceted.

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Back to the square between Saturn and Uranus:

So Saturn represents authority, rules, boundaries, blocks, resistance. restrictions, discipline, determination, time, hard work, karma, responsibility, structure, long term success, etc. Although some of his lessons (let’s be honest, many) are challenging, Saturn does in fact have our best interests in mind – he just wants us to do the work to reclaim our OWN authority in our lives so that we can experience that long term success.

Uranus on the other hand represents radical change, innovation, revolution, rebellion, freedom, liberation, sudden breakdowns (that ultimately lead to breakthroughs – but that doesn’t make them any less painful). Uranus represents the parts of us that are strange, weird, quirky, woo woo – those parts that all too often we want to hide in order to fit in.  He might seem to be the opposite of stodgy old Saturn, but similar to the Lord of Time, when Uranus comes to bring us sudden breakdowns, and all of our foundations lay as rubble all around us – this is often when we finally tell ourselves the Truth – and liberate ourselves, finally free to be ALL that we are. 


So. Today these two planets are having a very tense conversation. The pressure can manifest in many different ways – but there’s often a theme: 

We finally come to the breaking point. There might be a sense of “get me the fuck out of here”, whether that’s in a location, a job, a relationship, or an old mental pattern that is just SO DONE. You might feel compulsive and want to make radical changes – but stay with me – that’s only half the story.

Restrictions that you have accepted [other people’s rules] but that have no real purpose in your overall individual growth may become unbearable at this time.” – Robert Hand on Uranus Square Saturn.


If you are feeling this way – good – these feelings hold important keys for you – AND – since Saturn is in the mix, there’s an element of time involved. 

Saturn square Uranus wants us to become aware of the things in our lives that are no longer working for us – and… I know this might not be what you want to hear… the best way to work with this energy is to take this radical urge for freedom, and instead of burning everything to the ground – begin to make a plan for your liberation. 

The Square is one of the most challenging aspects, and when we are willing to work with the energies, the square can become one of the most stable foundational building blocks in our lives. 

This is an energy I know very intimately.

I made HUGE radical changes in my life when Saturn and Uranus were either square or conjunct in my chart. These were the times when left my hometown in Kentucky and moved to San Francisco, and the time I decided to radically change my business and stop doing acupuncture and move my business online. Both of these moments were spurred by the feelings of “I can’t take this any more!!!” AND I still managed to have the guidance to feel these ways in which I had been limiting myself, and use these insights to make a plan to totally redesign my life in ways that would allow me to feel more free. 


So what to do?

1. Feel the constrictions and the tension – list out all of the things that make you feel blocked and restrained. Where have you been hiding because you’re afraid the world can’t handle you or won’t like you? What have you been tolerating in your life/business/relationships that you are just SO OVER? 

2. Amazing. Don’t feel bad for complaining.  What appears to be a pile of crap in front of you will actually turn into precious gems – stay with me.  Now – time for some real talk. Give yourself FULL PERMISSION to tell yourself THE TRUTH about what you really want.  I know it’s hard to not just focus on all the things that aren’t working – but if this shit is so oppressive – what would feel better?

3. Give yourself permission to dream WILDLY.  Just because you don’t see anyone around you living their life or running their business in the ways that you ACTUALLY want to do it yourself, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.  Let loose!  Get creative!  If you could give yourself FULL PERMISSION to do your life exactly the way YOU WANT TO and everyone would love you and you’d have unlimited resources and finances – what would you do??

4. Fantastic. You’re doing so good. Now… let’s make a plan.  What you have in your hands right now are the golden keys to your kingdom. Do not judge them. Do not worry about if it will all work out or not. Honoring your authentic truths and desires opens doors that have always been locked before, or where there weren’t even any in the past.  So… now that you know what will make you feel more free – how can you begin to make small changes to begin to shift things in this new direction? Where can you take more responsibility for creating the radical changes in your life that would allow you to feel more free?  What rules and boundaries do you need to put in place to give yourself more space?  How can you honor your authentic truth and design a life that supports you in doing this for the long term?

Very Important: Stay flexible. Hold everything lightly. Trust that the hand of the Divine is in all of this. Allow for last minute changes and hard left turns. If others don’t understand or agree with your plan, let them go their own way. 

Do you need to have a difficult conversation, change your hair color, make plans to move, hire a coach, invest in a therapist, change your diet?  Allow yourself to be guided. Let the innate intelligence of your heart lead the way. Have patience, trust the process, and stay connected to your Truth.  This process will require hard work and intense effort over time – but the work you put in now will set you free in the future.

A whole new world is forming within and around you. 

Stay with it.

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When we learn to live in harmony with the cosmic energies, we are doing the deep healing work of expanding our awareness of our interconnection with all things – even things beyond this planet – including our entire solar system and beyond. 

It’s an ancient way of being, and yet something that is an integral part of our future. 

This is how we change the game. Together. 



See you on the inside! 


With oceans of gratitude & starlight love,