Somewhere in your life, things have started to feel a little… confined, tight, dull… stagnant even.

The feeling is subtle, but it’s been building over time…

Ever since July last year, there’s been this little voice inside your body whispering… longing for more freedom, beauty, creativity, LIFE, the ability to slow down so you can create something of real value… something you know will simultaneously help you to feel both confident & liberated.

Think back to these dates. Ever since July, ALL of the New Moons have been in some kind of conversation with Uranus.

  • New Moon at 24° Cancer: July 17 – sextile Uranus at 22° Taurus
  • New moon 23° Leo August 15 – square Uranus at 23° Taurus
  • New Moon at 21° Virgo: September 14 – trine Uranus at 22° Taurus
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra: October 14 – inconjunct Uranus at 22° Taurus
  • New Moon at 20° Scorpio: November 13 – opposite Uranus at 20° Taurus
  • New Moon at 20° Sagittarius: December 12 – inconjunct Uranus at 19° Taurus
  • New Moon at 20° Capricorn: January 11 – trine Uranus at 19° Taurus
  • New Moon at 20° Aquarius + Lunar New Year: February 9 – square Uranus at 19° Taurus
  • New Moon at 20° Pisces: March 9 – sextile Uranus at 19° Taurus

Think back to all of your New Moon intentions since July…

What is the central theme? Where have you been praying, wishing, intending and calling in more freedom?

Uranus is the Changemaker, the Revolutionary, the Rebel, the Inventor, the Mad Scientist, the Eccentric Artist. There are 3 Keywords for Uranus:

Authenticity, Change & Freedom

Where in your life have you allowed the leading edge of your most radical, magical, authentic, unique self expression to become a little bit dull? How can you sharpen this edge again? How can you welcome the God of Change (Uranus) to liberate you from your own self imposed dullness?

Uranus can pull the rug out from under our feet, and in a flash, our whole lives are turned upside down. But later, when the dust settles, we often look back on those moments of breakdown and find that the resulting breakthrough that also happened when we surrendered control completely – were some of the most liberating moments of our lives.

Jupiter E X P A N D S everything he touches, for better or worse (often he does bring an increase in our optimism, faith, and belief in the bigger picture of our lives), but especially with Uranus the Wildcard stay on your toes and expect the unexpected.

On the world stage, we can see revolutionary changes that can feel like shocking & sudden. Remember, we are standing between realities at the moment, the old regime is falling and the new reality is still unformed. But we came here for this shift. This is the revolution we have been waiting for.

So on this day, when the magic of synchronicity is zinging in the air, offering to liberate all of us (if we will allow it) into a life that feels more true & authentic, and strengthens our trust & faith in the benevolent forces supporting us in the invisible realms – I offer the following Uranus Affirmation from one of my favorite Astrologers, Caroline W Casey.

It is advised that you only repeat the following words if you truly mean it.

May they bless & liberate your most radically magical self.

Whatever is the most radically enlivening thing that could possibly happen to me, let it rip, bring it on. May the golden spiritual lightning shatter my tower of isolation. I am willing to be fully myself, and be danced by Life and to dance appropriately with the energetic truth of the situation. I am willing and eager for others to fully be themselves. I abdicate all desire to suppress or control others or to be suppressed or controlled by others. In fact, I am no longer willing to be in any relationship where I must suppress some essential part of my life in order to be there. I am present now, in the moment, open to the exhilarating unknown, willing to yoke Uranus with Saturn, to be a disciplined wild person.

– Caroline W Casey

I hope this is resonant & supportive for you.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel.  

Remember: love YOU!