Astro Insights: Week of January 18th, 2021

Get ready for what could be a wild week. On the 20th of January (also an important political day), Mars, the God of War, will come into direct alignment/conjunction with the planet Uranus, Lord of Unpredictable, Revolutionary Change. Be prepared for anything.  I’m sure you can already feel this energy. 

Mars in his illuminated state is the Knight, the Protector, the Spiritual Warrior, inspiring, passionate, motivated – in his shadow he is aggressive, antagonistic, egotistical, argumentative, lashing out at others as a result of old wounds and unprocessed emotions.

Uranus brings the energy of revolutionary, rebellious, innovative, change. Uranus is the curveball, the wild card, the sharp left turn – teaching us to stay light on our toes and expect the unexpected. He creates sudden breakdowns – in order to deliver us to the breakthrough we never saw coming – flash insights, sudden downloads, a shift in perception that ultimately liberates us from the bondage we held ourselves in unknowingly. He is the great liberator, and his ultimate goal (through the storm of chaos and change) is our freedom. 

Mars has already been making himself known as he exited the sign of Aries in the 29th degree on the 6th of the month, in true Martian form with the events at the capitol. The 29th degree is known as a “crisis point” where the sign must fully express itself, often in extreme ways, before it transitions to the next sign, and that was exactly what we saw. 

As the old, patriarchal, shadow masculine energy of white supremacy howls from the bottom of the pit it has dug itself into, we listen for the death rattle, supporting this transition as midwives and death doulas, as we witness the shift of the ages. 

As Mars continues his journey as he approaches Uranus, we can continue to see increased aggression and revolutionary energies. Be prepared for anything. I don’t want to sound like a doomsday sayer, but I would feel out of integrity if I didn’t share what I know about what the stars are saying. 

Some Astrologers are suggesting to prepare for things to be the way they were last year during the height of the lockdowns, advising to ensure that you have all of your supplies to support yourself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  Just as you would prepare for a storm: stock up on all the things, make sure all your devices are backed up and charged, have craft projects, books, things to keep your mind and hands busy if all hell breaks loose – and if it does – watch your addiction to drama and gossip – it’s an ancient, ancient pattern going back to the Gladiator arena, and even before that.


>> Break the pattern and go outside, take deep breaths with the sunlight on your third eye, eat whole food meals, exfoliate, check on your friends, go to bed early, move your body, water your plants, sing in the shower, watch funny movies, get creative, make art, take pictures of things you find beautiful, and remember that boundaries are your best friend

Remember to also amplify your Heart Coherence practice.  Take long deep breaths into your heart space, and remember a time when you felt delight, awe, joy, gratitude, appreciation, or love. It can be as simple as remembering how beautiful the light is in the mornings, the beauty of nature, a pleasant surprise from a friend, or a sweet moment with a loved one. Find more information here:

If you go out, drive defensively. Wave the other person on at the stop sign. Let the other person with less groceries go first in line. Give others a free pass because we’re all going through it and some of us are less equipped to handle the stress than others.

If you find yourself wanting to rant on the internet, take a moment and ask yourself what is the end result that you hope to achieve with this act – and what are the subconscious drivers making you want to do that. Is there something you are wanting to get/receive from others that you could just give to yourself instead? 

Remember: One of the lessons of Paradox is the teaching around moving away from the “either/or” mentality, into the “both/and.”  This is where we are being tested to see if we can open our hearts wider.  It is fully possible for you to love someone completely, and not follow them on Instagram.  It is fully possible to respect someone, and disagree with their views 100%. Placing someone into an “if this then that” arena reduces them into a quantitative, mechanized equation, rather than a qualitative, multidimensional experience. 

This in and of itself is liberating for us all. Then we no longer feel the need to convince everyone to agree with us. They get to be who they are with all of their beliefs, and you get to be who you are with all of your beliefs.  The world is big, with more than enough room for all of us and all of our beliefs. 

This does not mean that we do not advocate for revolutionary change. Not at all – that is why Uranus is part of the conversation. We must harness our anger and disillusionment with the current political climate and use that spark to illuminate new, never before seen solutions that benefit the entire collective and the planet, instead of the chosen few.  


In order to harness this energy, I invite you to consciously collaborate with your masculine energy regardless of your gender. 

Make an intentional practice of exercising your Mars. Mars is like a border collie: he needs a job to do, otherwise he goes around all agro, biting everyone’s heels.  Exercising your Mars will burn off excess energy, allowing him to return to the sacred flames of clear motivation and inspired action.

This can literally be physical exercise, or any kind of intentional anger practice: punching the pillows, screaming in the car (not while driving) or underwater, purging your closet, car, garage, rearranging the furniture, boxing, journalling – whatever you can do to move the energy that does not cause harm to another being. 

If you feel yourself getting triggered, remember the Matrix. See if you can slow down time, and dig beneath the trigger to see what it’s really shining the light on.  Ask for help from a friend who is a grounded & neutral party, your therapist, a healer, or other wellness professional.  If someone is projecting anger towards you, be open to doing the necessary inner reflection to see if there is something for you to learn and grow from, and remember that there might be a lot of anger simply being purged from the field, and that the situation might not actually be about you at all and graciously aikido that situation to the best of your ability. Remember, to honor your own boundaries as much as you ask others to. 

This is a potent time of alchemical transformation and healing that can catalyze a quantum leap for us personally and collectively if we can collaborate with the energies intentionally.


If you encounter any kind of block or set back that might normally leave you irritated or straight up enraged or shocked – remember it’s just Mars and Uranus doing their jobs – and instead of projecting your anger onto someone else or the situation – turn it into a creative opportunity. 

Instead of being overwhelmed by Mars, harness the energy of Uranus and see how quickly you can pivot and innovate, coming up with creative solutions you might otherwise never have thought of if this situation/block hadn’t come up.  Try not to take things personally.  While we are all affected in our personal lives in different ways, this is a massive collective initiation. 

This is the cosmic slingshot that can catapult you to the next level if you don’t let yourself get distracted by the drama.  

Remember what you came here to this planet to share, be, do, and experience, and focus on that.


Remember: the apex of this Mars/Uranus conjunction is on the 20th. Be prepared for anything on that day, leading up to that day, and coming away from that day – definitely from now until the 25th, and maybe even until the end of the month. 

There is so much change happening (seen and unseen) at the moment that I’m not really expecting there to be solid ground to stand on until at least the Equinox.

Brace yourself and pace yourself. Practice extreme self care, good boundaries, and kindness towards others. Remember that we all knew this was part of the plan, and all chose to be here at this time so that we could support this shift. 

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, and anchor your faith in the divine design of the Great Mystery. 

Remember you are not alone. We are all moving through these alchemical initiations together, and you are so loved and so supported – on this earthly plane by our community, and by all of your angels, ancestors, and all of those beings that love you unconditionally.

We are here.


Phew! What a download! I hope that this was helpful for you!  If it was, please feel free to forward this to a friend. And as with all things, if parts of this message resonated with you and others did not, take what serves and leave the rest. 

If you’re looking for a fun place to connect that’s not social media, I invite you to join us over at the Soul Star Collective, if you’re not already there. 

Thank you so much for reading, and for being here with all of us on this wild journey of human experience on this planet at this time! I am so grateful for you.


I bow to you with deepest reverence for all that you ARE.

I believe in you. I believe in all the Joy you came here to experience and share that is an essential part of this time of transformation, and I am holding the vision with you of seeing all of us on the other side of this happy, healthy, and filled with compassion and reverence for each other and our journey. 

With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment in love,