Welcome to Astro Basics 101

Welcome, welcome Shining Ones!

I am SO grateful for your presence here and so honored to share with you a little window into what it’s like to live in harmony with the resonant Song of the Stars.

With less effort than you think, you can remember (“learn”) how to feel the Planetary energies within & around you.

Your body is literally made up of the same stuff as stars – so why would they be so foreign to you?

The Truth is, they’re not.

The stars have been up there, patiently glittering, waiting for the day when you would look up and remember your connection.

Shining One, walk with me. Let us spread out your star map before us so that you can remember who you are and why you have come.

In the videos below you will discover:


  • An overview of the Birth Chart and where it comes from
  • The functions of the Midheaven, the Ascendant, Sun & Moon
  • An overview of the houses
  • My favorite books, apps & resources to support your journey

I hope these offerings serve to inspire & empower you to remember the language of the Stars.

If you are feeling called to dive deeper, it would be my greatest honor to swim in the stars beside you in a 1:1 Session or Mentorship.

In love,


“Believe nothing! Entertain possibilities!”
– Caroline Casey, Astrologer and author of “Visionary Activist Astrology”