Full Moon blessings Shining Ones!

I’m so looking forward to gathering together for our in our Sound Temple Ceremony TONIGHT, Sunday 10/9.  I have a feeling it’s going to be potent! 

Even if you can’t join us LIVE, you can still sign up to receive the replay and enjoy the ceremony in your own time. 

The Full Moon will be exact on Sunday at 2:54pm PDT at 16° Aries and it’s sitting right next to Chiron the Wounded Healer (14° Aries), receiving positive support from Saturn (sextile at 18° Aquarius), and being opposed by Venus (13° Libra). 

This moon brings us a potent opportunity to take inspired action to bring healing to our relationships by clarifying our boundaries, and take responsibility for our OWN well being so that we can show up for others without resentment.

It’s also our last Full Moon before we enter Eclipse Season, and it’s here to give us the energy to get things in order before we move into the Eclipse Portal.

Let’s break it down…

Aries is represented by the Ram, and is the first sign of the Zodiac and the Cardinal Fire sign, ruled by Mars. Aries is the spiritual warrior, the hero, the leader, general, adventurer, and athlete. 

In its healed state Aries gives us the energy to pursue our passions, and the motivation, drive, and determination to take inspired action in the direction of our goals. He is outgoing, independent, focused, enterprising, energetic, bold, courageous, and fearless.

In its unhealed state Aries is anger, rage, violence, intolerance, abusive, selfish, childish, competitive, rash, reckless, and pushy.

Sitting right next to the Moon we have Chiron the Wounded Healer and Master Teacher of the Zodiac, so the light of this moon might be illuminating some aspects of our selves related to the Aries energy listed above that are in need of healing. 

Then, directly across from the Moon we find the Goddess Venus, further expanding the illumination of things that might need some loving, healing energy to the realms of our relationships: to each other, to our finances, to our self-esteem, and our values (all things ruled by Venus).

Here to save the day is Saturn. The Lord of Karma, hard work, boundaries, responsibility, and discipline is in positive aspect (fire trine + sextile) to both the Sun and the Moon. 

Where are you being called to assert or affirm your boundaries so that you can have the energy to build supportive foundations in your relationships, without sacrificing your own personal well-being?

In the light of this Full Moon, reflecting on your relationships (to other humans, your finances, values, self-esteem, etc): What patterns need to be acknowledged and released so that you can take action in a more harmonious, healed, and heroic way in your life?

If you rectified these imbalances, where/how would you apply your liberated energy towards your passions/goals?

What needs to be purified before you enter the Eclipse Portal?

Check your chart for 16° Aries to see what Astrological House + area of your life this transformational Full Moon might be activating most for you.

We will cover all of this together in ritual, ceremony, and meditation in our Sound Temple Ceremony TONIGHT, Sunday 10/9.

Ok my loves!  I hope all of this is helpful.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel 💓

Surrounding you with so much love. 💞💞💞


With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,