The Full Moon at 19° Aquarius is happening today (or tomorrow depending on when you read this) on 8/11.

I swear, it feels like every week since the beginning of July has had some sort of Astro-tension. 🙄  But remember, we were made for these times, that’s why we’re here.

The old reality is crumbling while a new one is being birthed – and just like any birth, it’s messy, and painful, and long… and in the end… so joyful. 💫

Keep breathing & have faith in the ultimate outcome. We’ve got this.

Aquarius is all about community. That’s why I am SO looking forward to coming together in the Sound Temple for our Aquarius Full Moon Ceremony.


The Sun is in Leo, and the Moon is in Aquarius sitting right next to Saturn, all of which are being T-squared by Uranus in Taurus, while Pallas Athena and Chiron are offering positive support.


Aquarius brings us the energy of change, community, innovation, rebellion, revolution, genius, philanthropy, social justice, authenticity, and freedom.
Saturn next to the moon wants to strengthen us emotionally so that we can persevere through the countless changes & uncertainty we are facing.
Uranus is here to mix things up – facilitating the breakdown to breakthrough energy that will ultimately liberate us.
** And yes, if this energy feels similar to what we experienced last week when I shared about the North Node, Uranus, Mars conjunction – that’s because it is lighting up that same area in the sky again. Look for any patterns & connections you might see. 
Remember that Uranus is the energy of REACTION instead of RESPONSE, and that this moon is offering us the opportunity to REFLECT on those areas where we feel triggered or irritated due to some perceived sense of restriction. 
These affirmations from the triple conjunction article I wrote are still relevant:
Expect the unexpected.
My triggers are my teachers.
I’m never upset about what I think I’m upset about.
Anger and frustration show me where I long to be more free. 
When the rug gets pulled out from under you, how long will it take for you to remember you have wings?
Tune in 
to where you 
are desiring 
S P A C E. 
In short…

This moon is asking us to break free of 
old emotional patterns.

Anytime we’re working with a Full Moon, our emotional experience of the areas of home, safety, security, nurturing, women in our lives, the mother energy in all of us, our physical bodies are all amplified and subconscious patterns are illuminated.
Remember to stay in your center and practice your emotional aikido if you get triggered. 
Go back in your calendar, photos, emails, journal, Insta stories, etc. and see what was up for you in the weeks around these dates in 2021:
February 17
June 14
December 24
For more, check to see which houses Aquarius & Taurus are governing in your chart. Look for the signs, patterns & connections.
December 24, 2021 was the last exact square between Saturn & Uranus, but this year, due to the retrograde motions of both planets, they will be coming very close again (0°37′ orb) in the beginning of October this year.
Lastly, Pallas Athena & Chiron are the keys to helping us work with this tension.
Athena is the warrior goddess of wisdom famed across the world for her intuitive military strategy.
Chiron is the “Wounded Healer” and Master Teacher who shows us how we can alchemize the lessons of our healing journey to assist others.
If you have your chart you can look to the houses that are governed by Gemini & Aries (Athena & Chiron respectively) to see where this assistance might be coming from for you.
Be strategic with your words. Use them to initiate healing by affirming healthy boundaries for yourself and others. 
We must each become responsible for our own happiness, which includes the expression of all our quirks and idiosyncrasies in a healthy way, without the need for approval from others.
Questions for you to contemplate in preparation for our ceremony:
  • What changes (or necessary boundaries) are being illuminated in your life now?
  • How could summoning the courage to make these changes revolutionize your life (check your chart for 19° Aquarius) and ultimately make you feel more at ease?
  • With all that is changing within and around you, take this time to review your friends/community groups. Do you feel free to be your authentic self?
  • Instead of trying to change everything at once, where can you take small sustainable actions to reorient to your friends/community to build connections that feel mutually liberating and emotionally supportive for the long term?
  • What strategic guidance are you receiving from your intuition to support you in taking inspired action on your healing journey?
We will be synergizing all of these frequencies through meditation, ritual, and sound together in our Aquarius Full Moon Sound Temple ceremony TONIGHT, Thursday 8/11.
When you sign up you’ll also receive a list of what to bring, as well as crystals, essential oils, and alter ideas to support you in this Full Moon. 
See you in the Sound Temple Rakaiel !
Join us LIVE or enjoy the Replay on your own time.

Ok my loves!  I hope all of this is helpful.  Please feel free to take screenshots and share on social media – please tag me on Instagram @iamrakaiel 💓


With endless devotion to your eternal empowerment,