And now we RISE. Now we are SO CLEAR.

Thank you Donald Trump for making it easy. Now we KNOW what we want and we are MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER. #MagicTribe I call you to RISE UP. Take your time to grieve, and then – LETS GET TO WORK.

Practice forgiveness. The fear is still here – do not engage it.

Any hesitation about who you are and what you stand for is GONE! THIS is what we have been waiting for. THIS is the clarion call that is causing so many closet doors to FLY OPEN and those who have been hiding or hesitating to share their REAL MAGICAL SELVES cannot STAND to stay in there any longer! And this is GOOD because WE NEED YOU. This is our time. WE CAME HERE FOR THIS.

Game on my friends. We all CHOSE to here here – right now – at this specific moment. FEEL the giddiness RISING within you! It is time to blow the lid off this popsicle stand!!! AaaaaaaaaaaaOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!!!! We are coming and you can not stop us!!