A year ago I was an acupuncturist, working in a beautiful clinic just down the street from my house. I had a very full private practice, but my heart wasn’t satisfied. I kept getting messages from my guides that I should move into doing distance healing online. I listened to their advice, and began to take distance clients as well as working my regular practice – but I knew something had to shift because this was not sustainable.

In April last year I received a call from the woman I rented the clinic space from, telling me they would have to close the clinic for six months for construction.  I knew it was my guides telling me it was time to move on. So I closed my private acupuncture practice and moved into the digital realms doing coaching and energy healing for entrepreneurs and never looked back. Now I am happier and more free than ever.

LESSON: You HAVE to follow your heart – no matter what anyone else thinks, or what you think anyone else might think! You are under no obligation to be the same person you were even just a week ago! Please, always stay true to your heart, and communicate that as clearly as you can to the people around you. May we all always be ever evolving.

So tell me, who are you today that is different from who you were a year ago?