Soul Star Medicine was born under the Grand Cross in April 2014, and she is one fiery goddess of transformation.  That day of the Grand Cross, I was feeling super frustrated and confined in my business.  I really wanted to create a place online where I could be all of the multifaceted versions of myself.  I took my crystals & went to the park to journal – I needed to figure some stuff out.  I felt like the energy of my work was something more similar to “medicine for your soul”… so I wrote that down…  After a brief meditation, I looked back at the page and heard the word “Star” so I wrote that down…. of course the missing piece was a star.  Sparkly, geometric… and I have 21 stars tattooed on my body…. It all made so much sense!  This was the birth of Soul Star Medicine.

That same day that she came to me, I also received this phrase, which I feel is a quintessential theme in all of my work: 

Integrity is the stone upon which the blade of clarity is sharpened

As you can see, I’ve been working on this for a while now.  Soul Star Medicine is my most powerful teacher in this life so far.  She’s an Aries sun, Scorpio moon, with a Leo rising.  I listen to her. We sit and have tea. We meditate together.

Everything that you see on this site was channelled through her.

All of the programs, all of the prices, all of the everything – was born from our cosmic collaboration.  She is freaking amazing.  I hope you get a chance to really get to know her.  🙂

I love the name Soul Star Medicine because it’s so multidimensional –
it doesn’t just have one meaning.

Your Soul Star Chakra is your 8th Chakra – the seat of your soul, the location of your Soul Purpose, and your connection to your Higher Self.  My favorite favorite thing to do is to help my clients get clear on and bring forth the manifestation of their Soul Purpose.  I have helped my clients find the strength to leave their job to launch into the career of their dreams, write a book, leave an unhealthy relationship, start a business, get clear on a project their working on, get married – all of which has taken them into the highest expression of their true purpose.  Your Soul Star is like your North Star, guiding you back home. 

Soul – because it is ALL about your soul.  You are a spiritual being, a soul, having a human experience.  It helps to remember that sometimes.

Star – for so many reasons.  We are all connected through an invisible web of geometric lines of light, sometimes we feel it, but it’s not visible.  It’s like the water to the fish in the ocean.  As a geometric symbol, the star is an example of that interconnectedness.  Star for shining light and providing guidance, leading the way through the darkness.  Star because you are the star of the show.

Medicine – because in native traditions, your medicine was your gift.  The phrase “live your medicine” means exactly that – live your purpose. 

Call it your Soul Purpose, your Divine Blueprint, your zone of genius, your highest point of contribution, your dharma, your life’s calling, your major definite purpose in life… we all have a feeling deep within us that we came to this planet to do something wonderful.  

It’s what has you feeling unsatisfied or anxious when you are working a desk job you don’t like, it’s what motivates you to launch a business, it is behind the scenes when you are speaking about something and your eyes light up and your energy raises, it’s what gives you the courage to face your fears and create even though it scares you.

I have known for a long time that my Soul Purpose was to inspire expansion.
I just didn’t know what that would look like exactly.

When I first got out of acupuncture school and started my business it was called Integrating Beauty, and I specialized in acupuncture facials.  I chose to focus on beauty because an astrologer had told me my business needed to be beautiful – from the very beginning I was weaving together spirituality and business.  I chose to specialize in skin care because the sessions were expensive, and in order to get visible results many were required.  I thought I was being smart.  But underneath I always knew that Integrating Beauty was more than skin deep – it was about creating a life that was so beautiful on the inside, it was reflected on the outside.  And that was reflected in my sessions, where people would come for a facial, and I’d end up coaching them, analyzing their dreams, and many times they would have a breakthrough there on the table.

After a while it became clear that this was my true gift – being able to see the undercurrents in the lives of others, and offer reflections and guidance.  I rebranded and changed the name of my business to Lucent Alchemy – lucent meaning light, and alchemy – transformation.  This seemed to be a good fit for a while.  I redid my website and got new business cards that said “Inner Alchemist.”  I focused on emotional and physical healing, not quite brave enough to let go of the physical component – after all, many people have pain and would pay for it to go away.  But those were not my favorite clients.  What I really loved was when someone came with an illness or discomfort, and they didn’t just want it to go away – they wanted to get to the root of it, and understand why it was really happening – what their spirit was really trying to say to them.

As I deepened my own spiritual practice, my work became increasingly shamanic.  No longer was I simply doing acupuncture – I was doing sound healing, energy work, using essential oils and crystals, and meditating in the room.  My reputation began to grow, and people began to seek me out for spiritual transformation work.  Being in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of these people were entrepreneurs, creatives, or other healers.  I LOVED working with them because they were showing up and doing the work.  They too saw the creative life and the life of the entrepreneur as a spiritual assignment and they were committed to having a support team including myself and other professionals to support them on their journey.

In April 2014 we experienced an astrological event known as The Grand Cross.  I had been going over my business structure in my mind for weeks leading up to that day, and I was frustrated with my website and my branding.  I felt like I was using most of the copy on the site to explain the metaphor of alchemy.  So on the day of the Grand Cross, I took my crystals and my journal and went to the park – we were going to settle this once and for all.  I laid out my crystals and opened my journal.  It was cold and windy and I was frustrated with the weather.  I wrote out Lucent Alchemy and drew a line through it.  Then I started writing words about how I felt about my business.  I felt like the energy of my practice was something more similar to medicine for your soul… so I wrote that down.  After a brief meditation, I looked back at the page and heard the word “Star” so I wrote that down….Soul Star Medicine!

Now I am super clear about my own purpose.  I am here to inspire and facilitate the expansion of community by sharing my authenticity.  The more I let my magic out the more we all can.  I am here to show you there is another way.

I love working with creatives and entrepreneurs just like you to help you find the clarity and the courage to let your magic out.  I am passionate about helping you feel less overwhelmed, more grounded, and confident as an authentic leader for your community.  

Are you ready to make big moves and bring your Soul Purpose, and all of your gifts into the world in a way that feels grounded, clear, and authentic?  Let me take you by the hand on a magical adventure where we will deepen your connection to the spiritual realms, and use that guidance in your business to bring you more joy, more success, and more freedom than you ever through possible.

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