Sacred Geometry

Greetings dear friends,

There have been some BIG shifts in my world lately, and they are starting to activate me in ways I don’t fully understand.  I am being called. Called to share my wisdom. I have been collecting esoteric knowledge for most of my life, and have been feeling it chomping at the bit to be expressed.  I’m not sure how this will go. I am practicing vulnerability, so I might talk about some pretty far out stuff. It will probably be messy.

But I’m down for an adventure, are you?  

I’ve been thinking about doing a series on Instagram about Sacred Geometry.  I have this fabulous deck of oracle cards by Francene Hart called The Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck.  Whenever I want to learn more about something, I try to surround myself with the images & information I want to learn as much as possible.  It’s my own form of personal brainwashing 😉

I did this before with Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards, pulling one everyday for 9 months, and now me & the Archangels are super tight.  

So today – it starts.  

This morning I pulled the card Owl/Raven – Yin/Yang.  Number Seven.

The text in the book for this card reads,

“Darkness and light… Yin and Yang are opposites in union. Together they represent a balanced whole, each containing a piece of the other. Owl and Raven – Wisdom and Magic. This card suggests that a process of balancing is at work in your life. You are learning that living in opposition brings a sense of tension and dissatisfaction, and that it constructs boundaries between you and the people and circumstances in your life. This effect of separation likely has little or nothing to do with how you wish to view your life or your purpose in it.

You are asked to look at the way you’re living and begin designing ways to bring yourself into balance with your true nature. How will it look when the dissatisfaction is mitigated? Will you be the same person? Movement toward balancing all areas of your life will activate rejuvenation and greater joy and freedom. Acknowledge the dark aspects within the light, but truly see your light shining in the darkness.

— Francene Hart, Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

Wow.  So perfect – in so many ways.  I’ve actually mentioned the Yin/Yang symbol in session recently.  That although we see them as opposites – that is only in their static state.  Like everything in the universe, they are moving, constantly vibrating and transforming.  

When I was in acupuncture school, learning about the metaphors & complexity of the Yin/Yang symbol was one of the first things we covered.  There are 4 attributes of Yin & Yang:

  1. Yin & Yang are opposites.  Similar to dark/light, feminine/masculine, wet/dry – the ideas of Yin & Yang must first be in opposition for us to understand them.  But the concept of opposite is always relative. What about all of the different shades of gray in between black & white? Isn’t one shade “more dark” than another, and yet “more light” than even another color?  This idea of relativity is mirrored in all relationships (interpersonal and otherwise) – it is only through context that we find meaning.  
  2. Yin & Yang are interdependent = they cannot exist without each other.  In the same way that we mentioned above, that it is only through context that we find meaning, Yin and Yang cease to exist without each other.  Just as a state of total Yin is reached (the darkest part of the night), then Yang begins to form (the daylight begins to return). Each one contains the seed of the other within it.
  3. Yin & Yang are mutually consuming.  As we stated above, there is no end to the cycle, they are always transforming into one another, which is needed for balance.  If there is ever too much of one, the other will weaken, and become consumed. (Example: When you get swept up in the world of doing and accomplishing (Yang), your meditation practice (Yin) can become weak and end up being postponed for days).  But, then one always leads to the other – when you loose your meditation practice, and get wrapped up in meetings, emails, and working late – you eventually feel exhausted & burned out, and then often times catch a cold so your body can rest.
  4. Which leads us to our final attribute: Yin & Yang are always inter-transforming.  One is always leading to the other:  the never ending circle of life, if you will.  

And all of this is always fractal & holographic in nature, the broader you expand your understanding.  (Not to mention that the card is the number 7 = a symbol of the Divine – hello wake up call!)

In my life, I have seen this a lot recently.  I have been spending a lot of time in the Magical realms, but now I am being called to participate in the realms of Wisdom.  And where I was more involved in the intake of wisdom before, now I am called to focus in the outward expression of that wisdom.  

This balance of “opposites” was written all over the sky this past weekend.  Did you see the conjunction of Mars & Venus under the moon, just after the sun sat?  In case you missed it I snapped a picture on my StarWalk app:

It was so magical.  Mars & Venus are still hanging out side by side in the evening sky (Venus is the brighter one), but the exact conjunction took place on Saturday 2/21/15.  You can still catch a glimpse of them in the western evening sky if you’re on the west coast.

But – how perfect is that for Owl/Raven – Yin/Yang symbolism???  Kryon said that this is “Year 2” (2 is the number of dualism), and that this year the aspects of the light would get brighter (Lightworkers Activate!), but that the aspects of the dark would get darker.  This will serve to put many people in a place of decision. The darkness will become so intense, that you will no longer be able to ride the middle line. When the events around you are in such a stark contrast to what you feel within your own body – you will need to make a choice.   The time of alliances is forming.  In the way that there are groups of people affiliated with the dark – we know them easily by their acronyms – soon there will be groups of people affiliated with the light – with their own acronyms…  

Where have you noticed things coming into greater contrast in your life?

Within my life, I have been called to heal the oppositions within my own self.  Back in July last year, after visiting Mount Shasta for the first time, I was called to make my first dreamcatcher.  I gathered willow branches from a tree in the Presidio under the full moon. I had gathered all of the supplies, and was just waiting for the right time to begin the process.  I was guided to do a solo LSD journey in my room one evening. At the end of the journey, in my lucid & connected state, I picked up the willow branches and the embroidery thread I had gotten at the craft store.  My hands seemed to move on their own, as I wove the thread around the two sticks, binding them together without glue, using only the purple thread (divine wink!), I had a realization: I was weaving together the masculine and feminine aspects of myself!  This process was profoundly healing and enlightening.  Now the dreamcatcher hangs over my bed, a reminder of this union of opposites.  And it’s all fractal! Even the web inside the hoop is feminine/Yin/flexible relative to the masculine/Yang/solid branches that form the hoop.  It’s all so so beautiful.

I could go on and on about how this is showing up in my life.  The more you look, the more you see. But now I want to hear from you:

Where are you encountering opposition or contrast in your life?  How does this give you insight into what needs to heal (in your life or on a global scale)?

Thank you for going on this adventure with me.  

With all my heart,