How I came to be here

Six years ago, I died.

(I haven’t told this story in a long time)

It started in the Fall of 2016. I got a phone call from the man I called “the love of my life” telling me he had slept with another woman. In an instant my world shattered.

Around the same time I was working with KaiaRa and she told me I was a Water Priestess and to sing to the waters. Later she connected me to Kahuna Kalei on the Big Island, who affirmed that I was a Lemurian Priestess, over 30,000 years old, and that this lifetime was the first time I had been able to return to these lands since before The Flood.

Trying to integrate all of this affirmation in the midst of so much destruction was overwhelming to say the least.

Simultaneously I experienced what I thought was a complete and total business failure. I remember spending all day in my room alternating between shaking and crying. I called my old coach to ask for guidance, and she told me a session would be $1000. I said fine. I was in that place. Everything was uncertain – which I would later come to know, also meant anything was possible.

Still moving through the waves of shock, grief & betrayal, I went on a snorkeling trip with one of my students who was visiting. I was still shaking, but managed to keep it cool for the trip.

Our guides took us to the back side of the sunken crater of Molokini, a sunken crater off shore of Maui. The waves were HUGE.

On the back side of the crater is a crack where the cinder collapsed as the crater was being formed – 230,000 years ago – its a 250 ft drop below the surface – they call it “The Elevator. “

Our guide motioned for us to jump in the water. “You better hurry up before the waves get bigger… we can’t stay here for long…” We grabbed our masks and jumped in.

Part 2: Once in the water we paddled over to the crack. The waves on either side of us were smashing into the sides of the island, but in the space of the crack there were no waves.

And then it happened. A huge wave came in, but instead of smashing us against the rocks it lifted us high in to the air.

I felt an intense dropping sensation as the water pulled back. With terror in my eyes I watched the water line drop to reveal pink algae and sea creatures that are normally below the surface.

It was amazing. And horrifying.

We repeated the process a few more times before our guides felt the waves were too big.

I returned to the boat.

My sense of exhilaration soon faded to one of nausea and confusion… “What had happened down there?… ”

Driving back home, the energy was so intense that I had difficulty maintaining consciousness – so I decided to start toning to stay awake.

I had this strange sense of certainty that I was supposed to channel these extraterrestrial tones, and vibrate my voice, but I had no idea how to access those muscles in my throat make the vibrations happen.

Back in the car, I thought about the strangeness of my experience on the back side of Molokini that day. As I began to tone, I started to run my finger up and down over my throat to try to cause a vibration.

And then all of a sudden I could do it.

Without my finger…

Everything in my life changed that day.

Something within me died that day.

Something under the water sucked down the density I had been operating with.

It was like a psychic surgery facilitated by Gaia, or like a walk-in from an Ascended version of myself. 😳


Part 3: For weeks afterwards, I was in a delicate state. I could barely have a conversation without crying.

But after the Winter Solstice everything began to change because of this new gift I received: The Lemurian Tones of Awakening & Remembering.

It was through sharing my voice and the sharing of these Tones that Sound Healing instruments and opportunities came into my life.

A whole new world opened up before me…

In February 2017, two months after the Molokini incident, I sat in Ceremony with Grandmother Ayahuasca one last time. After over 20 ceremonies, she was very clear our contract (in this way) was complete.

There were hardly any visions in those final ceremonies, save for one.

Right before she departed she showed me a large body of water, like the ocean. There were machines that looked like cranes hovering over the water, pulling something up from the depths.

It was a city.

A crystalline city with spiraling towers, the central and tallest buildings emerging first, followed by layer after layer of temples and structures.

I knew it was a symbol of my own resurrection & the legacy I was here to create.

After I returned from ceremony, the world of Sound Healing swallowed me whole. I had zero money in my bank account, but people were gifting me Crystal Singing Bowls, and setting up epic sunrise photo shoots on cliffs overlooking the ocean. I decided to go with it.

Over the following months, I would come to lead over a hundred Sound Healing Ceremonies with my partner at the time.

I had visions of bringing a group of people to Maui to practice ancient Sound Healing water blessings that we had remembered from the Future.


Part 4: On the cusp of my Jupiter Return that summer, my Astrologer told me I was standing at the edge of incredible potential for expansion. He said I had been given a vision that I needed to take action on. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

And so I created Remembering Lemuria 

Then in 2018, another teacher did my numerology for me at dinner one night. After asking for some specific dates and making calculations, he got very excited, then he stopped and was quiet.

He wrote the numbers 2016 on the top of the takeaway container, and pointed to them asking me, “what does that year mean to you?“

I looked down and laughed. “That was a really hard year.”

He straightened up in his chair and looked me in the eyes and said, “That was the year you completed your life path. It’s like you died or something. But you weren’t ready to go. So you renegotiated for a new Mission, a new Life Path.“

I laughed still taking it all in. “Well, I definitely feel like I died that year.” …. And it all started to make sense. All of that destruction somehow paved the way for this new life in Sound Healing and past life remembering.

With the fulfillment of my previous Mission, a whole new world opened up before me. 

A decidedly Lemurian world.

At first none of it made sense… Sound Healing was taking over my coaching business. I dove into Astrology again, deeper than I ever had before. I seemed to have access to information others had studied years to learn.

I found myself being guided to hidden sacred sites as if I had been there before. I became obsessed with Freediving, going down to over 80 feet and holding my breath for 3 times longer than I thought was possible. They seemed like random obsessions until I put the word LEMURIA in front of them all.


Part 5: It’s true, I do feel different, like I’m not like everyone else. Sometimes I’m pretty sure I’m a mutant. Or an Angel in human form. Or intra-terrestrial 🐉

I’d like to tell you that anyone can be just like me, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

But I do know there are others out there like me.

I know there are those who have had eerily strange synchronicities in their lives, who seem to have access to insane amounts of wisdom without the correlating amount of study, and somehow seem to have guardian angels watching out for them no matter how much struggle they go through.

I don’t have it all figured out. Writing this all out for the first time felt scary – and so necessary.

This is what it has come to.

The hour of Disclosure.

As the stories get weirder and weirder, they also somehow ring with Truth.

And for the first time we no longer feel the urge to weigh between seemingly conflicting stories.

In the multidimensional worlds, you can have your Truth and others can have their own Truths, and BOTH can exist simultaneously.

So tell me, have you ever had experiences like these? If you have, Ive been looking for you.

I invite you to join us in The Lemurian School of Remembering

🌈 New students are invited to begin the journey with Remembering Lemuria.

🦋 Returning students are invited to RISE with us in Rising Lemuria.

Join us for an adventure into the ancient future to retrieve the gifts you have left for yourself in the depth of your being. It is time to remember. It is time to RISE.