2.22.2022 Portal day
Global meditation event


The number 22 corresponds to the energy of the Master Builder,
and we are here to build a New Reality for our Human Collective at this time.

All hearts on deck!


for this FREE cEREMONY!

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We will gather together on 2/22 (also 22/2) at 2pm PST for around 90 minutes.
(Please calculate your corresponding time zone here)


After you sign up you will receive a welcome email with the zoom link and all the details for how to prepare yourself & your space for the event.

If you missed the Live Ceremony you can still sign up and receive the replay! 

The intention of our 2/22 Global Meditation Ceremony is to anchor the frequency of LOVE into our collective Human Field. Basically we are going to become beacons of light, broadcasting the energy of compassion and right relationship with Gaia and each other. We will flood the collective with the frequency of LOVE. 


To support you in getting ready for our Global Event on 2/22, some of our beautiful Lemurian Leadership alumni (Lemurian Leadership is the 3rd level of the Lemurian School) have come together to offer guided meditations on Instagram LIVE.

Here is the full schedule:  (Please click here to calculate your corresponding time zone)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR & Please follow these beautiful Lemurian Leaders!

If you miss the LIVE, check their account for the replay.

Wednesday 2/16 at 7:22pm PST – April Swift will be leading a Sound + Light Activation on her account at @soul.alchemy.april, broadcasting from Australia.

April Swift @soul.alchemy.april

Friday 2/18 at 10am PST – Melissa King will be leading a guided meditation on her account at @insight_voyager, broadcasting from the UK.

Melissa King @insight_voyager

Saturday at 2pm PST – Danielle Flocco will be leading a Kundalini meditation on her account at @dfloc, broadcasting from the East Coast US.

Danielle Flocco @dfloc

Sunday at 5am PST – Birgit Humphreys will be leading a guided meditation on her account at @manifestthelight, broadcasting from Spain.

Birgit Humphreys  @manifestthelight

Monday at 2pm PST – JoAnne Gillard will be leading a guided meditation on her account at @jo_gillard, broadcasting from Australia.

JoAnne Gillard  @jo_gillard

Each of our Lemurian Leaders will also be playing a specific role during our Global Meditation Ceremony.

We can’t wait to gather with you soon!

PS: There are also several other amazing meditations happening on 2/22 that you are also encouraged to participate in!  Unify is hosting a beautiful online gathering right after this one at 4pm PST.